The Final Chapter: Messi Announces Inter Miami as His Last Team

  • “NOT EVERYONE HAS IT, I AM PRIVILEGED”: Messi and the Cup, the most anticipated reunion on #ESPN ESPN Fans
  • Messi surprises the world of football: he anticipated that Inter Miami will be his last team as a professional player El Colombiano
  • Lionel Messi shakes the world of football: he announced that Inter Miami will be the last team of his career El Tiempo
  • 10 pearls from the interview with Messi: the promise he must keep, the pending photo with a star and the video that made him cry infobae
  • Leo Messi: “I am not prepared to leave football; Inter Miami will be my last team”
  • 2024-06-12 23:03:13
    #PRIVILEGED #Messi #Cup #anticipated #reunion #ESPN #ESPN #Fans


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