The Cost of Style: Julian Nagelsmann’s Outfit for the DFB Opening Match

The Cost of Style: Julian Nagelsmann’s Outfit for the DFB Opening Match
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    The national coach’s outfit at major European Championship and World Cup matches is always a topic of discussion. Guess how much Julian Nagelsmann’s shirt from the DFB opening match costs.

    Munich – A fashion-conscious person like Julian Nagelsmann (36) knows this: It is not only the national coach who is in the spotlight at World Cup and European Championship games, his outfit is also closely watched by many. This began in the Joachim Löw era at the latest. Jogi’s skin-tight shirt once caused some pretty bad reactions, but many raved about a shirt on his body, even though it was not exactly cheap. Nagelsmann himself made headlines with his choice of clothing during his debut as national coach. His net-look shirt at the press conference before the start of the European Championship was also reported in the media.

    DFB team and Julian Nagelsmann: Travel outfit comes from supplier van Laack

    What many people may not know is that a national coach does not necessarily reach into his private wardrobe and pull out a wrinkled shirt or his confirmation suit. Rather, there are various suppliers of the DFB-Teams. The playing clothes come from – at least for now, soon Nike will take over – from supplier Adidas. There is even an “official travel outfit” from van Laack, which, according to Bild all staff members must wear on arrival and departure. Employees of the label even came to the DFB hotel at the end of May, took the stars’ measurements and outfitted them.

    Julian Nagelsmann (l.) chose a rather understated outfit for the start of the European Championship. © IMAGO / Contrast

    For the opening match of the European Championship against Scotland, Nagelsmann – who has certainly been seen in more extravagant clothes – now a more subtle outfit. Perhaps he didn’t want to be too much in the spotlight. He wore a dark shirt, smart but still casual. In fact, the comments on the short message service X were very limited. The Nagelsmann shirt didn’t give much to talk about. Only a few users complained. “Why is Nagelsmann wearing a shirt like that? Horrible collar + buttons,” wondered one. Another wrote: “Is Nagelsmann wearing a suede suit??? (In English it says “seude suit” in the tweet, so he probably meant “suede suit” as in “suede suit”, editor’s note.) Is this a football match or a fashion show??”

    Julian Nagelsmann’s shirt at the European Championship kick-off costs 199.95 euros online

    The tweet was posted at 9:06 p.m. on Friday, so it really does seem to refer to Nagelsmann’s outfit on the sidelines. But suede? The user must have been looking in the wrong direction. Because there was no question of suede or a suit, even if the material looks a bit unusual. In fact, Nagelsmann’s shirt is most likely from the DFB outfitter van Laack. Of course, our editorial team was unable to look at the label on his neck, but on the On the brand’s homepage there is a top that appears to be Nagelsmann’s from the DFB match against Scotland.

    This is called a “shirt with a retro structure made of air cotton”. The description states: “The knitted shirt with a retro structure made of air cotton impresses with its comfort and high-quality workmanship. The use of twisted, finely knitted cotton yarns with a light structure, which are also opaque, ensures special air permeability and gives the shirt a particularly modern look.” The price is 199.95 euros. This is less than some of Joachim Löw’s outfits in the past, but certainly in the impressive range. On Saturday morning, the shirt was still available in the online shop – perhaps because it clearly wasn’t to everyone’s taste? Julian Nagelsmann’s girlfriend also became an eye-catcher in the stands – Did she reveal his nickname with her special jersey? (lin)

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