The circle of life

The circle of life

Agustín Alejos ends his international career with the Spanish team. The player from Vigo stayed a few days ago discarded in the process of preparing for the Paris Games. In recent times it has always moved on that border of cuts, with the anxiety that such a situation causes. All in all, Alejos says goodbye, grateful and satisfied with his performance with the national team, as well as open to future collaborations. “It is a difficult decision, but I’m sure that when I close this door some window will open”, assures the star of Iberconsa Amfiv in its public statement.

The selector must still make two discards, Abraham Carrionwhat Julio Vilas from Bahia is among the 14 summoned to a concentration at the CAR of San Cugatalso from Amfiv, in addition to Ferrolano Manu Lorenzo (Bidaideak). Alejos had participated in the previous concentration in Albacete. Adrián García (Bidaideak) was the other one who fell out of the race to Paris.

Agustín Alejos, 36, has been in the orbit of the national team for 20 years, winning several European titles, a runner-up in the under 23 world championship and a silver at the Rio Games. At that time he renounced the possibility of attending the Tokyo Games with Australia, to which he finally went with Spain.

Everything in life has a beginning and an end and that also applies to the world of sports. All of us who are dedicated to sports competition are fully aware that stage closures must be assumed. And today I want to inform you that the end of one of them is coming,” writes Alejos, who remembers how it all began: “During the 2004 Copa del Rey, Pablo Beiro told me that he had been selected by the Spanish under-23 team for a friendly match. that would be celebrated in that same Copa del Rey. My debut with the senior team was a little later, at the European Championship in Adana, in which we went ‘The 9 of Adana’”.

“After 20 years of working hard for the national team, I have decided to retire from the national team to make way for the new generations, who are going strong“adds the Vigo native. “I can only thank all my teammates and coaches who for so many years have made all that time away from family and friends worth it. “We will continue to see each other on the slopes.”

Because they already clarify from Iberconsa Amfiv that their captain has in no case considered retiring. Although its renewal is still pending, no difficulties are foreseen.

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