The Challenge of Grass: Will Iga Swiatek Conquer Wimbledon in 2024?

The Challenge of Grass: Will Iga Swiatek Conquer Wimbledon in 2024?

One of the big unknowns this grass season revolves around the highest authority on the women’s circuit. Iga Swiatek He will once again try to improve his performance on this surface, a field in which he has not yet had the pleasure of lifting any title. And it seems incredible that we talk like this about the number 1 in the world, but the reality is that the Pole does not finish displaying her best tennis there as she does on dirt and hard courts. However, Swiatek faces a new opportunity to continue honing her skills. How will 2024 go?

Iga will come to this grass tour having lifted the title in Roland Garros, something that has already been delayed in its preparation. And it was planned that the Pole would participate in the tournament WTA 500 de Berlin (June 17-23), but after reaching the final round in Paris, Swiatek has had to step aside due to physical and mental fatigue from the last few tough weeks on dirt. Totally understandable. Thus, he will reach Wimbledon (July 1 to 14) without any prior filming on this surface, something not optimal if your mind is to continue working on your Achilles heel.

We can take a quick look at the past to understand why grass is their great unfinished business. In terms of results, we see that in the British Grand Slam their best achievement has been reaching the quarterfinals last year. On the other hand, it should be noted that she was the junior Wimbledon champion in 2018 and she received an invitation to the final draw the following year thanks to the good tennis she displayed (she fell in the first round). This, without a doubt, is a ray of light that shows that Iga is capable of feeling good on this court, the only thing she needs is to put expectations aside and forge that experience that she already has on the rest of the surfaces.

This will not be the first year that he goes directly to Wimbledon having conquered Paris, since in 2022 he already did it. Of course, he alone managed to reach the third round. This time he hopes it will be different considering that last season he already took quite a few steps forward. But why isn’t he so good at weed? And it is very complicated to make the surface transition after the gravel tour, since there is hardly time to adapt to the new conditions and even more so considering that at Roland Garros it is becoming common to see it until the end. Thus, the Pole has a short period to prepare the grass, a grass that is much faster than the dirt, so she has to focus much more on tactics and short points. She needs to rely much more on the serve, which is essential on this surface. So we’ll see if by skipping the tournaments leading up to Wimbledon she can put all the new changes into practice.

You should not underestimate it

It is difficult to predict how her options will appear in 2024, since we will not have a way to test her, just by observing her training before Wimbledon. We must not forget that the world number 1 has plenty of skills, answers and mentality to continue building on a surface that she has seen other players who were not specialists succeed. Without going further, Simona Halep achieved the London title despite the land being its best terrain, or else, the very same Rafael Nadal.

On the other hand, being efficient on grass will also be very important and necessary if she wants to appear on the list of the best in history for completing the ‘Career Grand Slam‘, that is, winning the 4 Grand Slams throughout his career. At the moment she still has Wimbledon and the Australian Open to join the 10 women who achieved it: Maureen Connolly Brinker, Doris Hart, Shirley Fry Irvin, Margaret Smith Court, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. Will this be the year Iga takes a decisive step onto the grass?

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