“Thanks to my sister I am lucky to be here”

“Thanks to my sister I am lucky to be here”

Javi Dorado (Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, 1977) says that the Sporting play-off and now the Euro Cup keep him entertained while his body is loaded with platelets and red blood cells. The former Sporting player is beginning to leave behind his fourth relapse after being diagnosed with leukemia. Previously subjected to various failed treatments, including the innovative Car-T cell therapy (genetic modification method), the search for a bone marrow donor found his best possible ally in his sister Sara. “Thanks to her I am lucky to be able to be here,” he shares with LA NEW ESPAÑA days after the third month of the donation. “Helping other people through my experience is a motivation,” he says.

“It has all been very emotional. Finding a bone marrow donor is very difficult. I had no compatibility with my other three brothers and in the world bank there is often no option to get close to 100%. You can get percentages of 70 or 80, but there the risk of rejection is greater. I have been very lucky,” says Javi Dorado about the high compatibility detected in his sister. He underwent surgery at the Son Espases hospital in Palma de Mallorca on May 3, and has been at his home for just over two weeks, near the seafront of the Balearic capital. “I am not isolated, but I do live a bit of isolation. My immune system is like that of a baby. I have to be careful even with my family and gradually recover. Every Monday and Friday I have tests to check that everything is fine And fortunately, that’s how it is,” he explains.

On the left, Miguel, Javier, Javi and Nico Dorado, in Mareo. / J.D.

The hardest isolation process was experienced for 24 days in the hospital. There he had to undergo two chemotherapy treatments, before and after the intervention, to “kill the bad cells” and ensure that those generated through the bone marrow received began the recovery process. They were also days of a lot of football for the one who was Sporting’s left back during the 2001-02 season and one of those who lifted Real Madrid’s eighth European Cup. “I took a TV to the hospital. I watched all the Sporting and Madrid games. The play-off was a shame. There was a bit of luck missing, but Espanyol was a strong rival and the important thing is that the team gave everything.” , assures of the frustrated red and white promotion. He now lives pending in Spain. Excited about the team’s promising start, he is cautious: “The first days have already shown that nothing is easy.”

Javi Dorado calls for collaboration in bone marrow donation, a process that begins “with something similar to a simple analysis. From there, if one day they are looking for a certain type of blood, they will call you and then it is a matter of accept or not to continue the process. A series of requirements must also be met. He also sets an example to help in situations similar to those he has experienced. “Every time I hear about a case of leukemia in my environment, whether known or not, I ask for the phone number and offer to talk to the patients. When my leukemia was detected, I didn’t know anything about what lay ahead, and I would have grateful that someone who had gone through it explained the processes to me, what you are facing, to clear up some uncertainty and convey confidence,” he says. Now, surrounded by his wife and his three children (Miguel, Javier and Nico), he celebrates every second of life, every detail. “My goal is to live day to day, feel good and enjoy every moment. My goal is the luck that I am still here and that, thank God, the news is very good,” concludes Javi Dorado.

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