Tension Erupts Outside Mercedes Benz Stadium as Argentine National Team Debuts in America Cup

Tension Erupts Outside Mercedes Benz Stadium as Argentine National Team Debuts in America Cup

All the tension that was not experienced in the country while waiting for the debut of the Argentine national team in the America Cupwas experienced outside the Mercedes Benz Stadium, the venue for the match against Canada, with the journalist Flavio Azzaro.

The host of the stream program El Loco y el Cuerdo traveled to the United States to follow the Argentine national team during his time in the competition and was present at the Atlanta stadium, where he was recognized by a group of fans who scolded him.

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The renowned journalist had been very critical of Messi during the 2018 World Cup in Russia and even asked him to resign from the National Team, which caused several fans to remember him on the networks or when they see him on the fields. But this time an Argentine supporter went further and attacked him with violence while Azzaro was recording content for his YouTube channel.

While they were recording it, a person began to relate: “Memory, Argentina, memory! Let it not happen again that cheap journalism makes us feel that we have to go against our players for a little bit of the camera. Let it not happen again because this is difficult to achieve.”

Azzaro He listened while they scolded him and simply managed to laugh, walk away from the situation and say “go over there, pancho.” However, another person who was with the journalist seems to have tried to prevent the escrache, motivating the reaction of the person speaking. “Don’t touch me,” he told her. Hearing that, Azzaro He approached to try to end the siege.

The fan replied, out of his mind: “What’s happening? I’m going to break your mouth. Look, there are 50 of us.” The journalist responded: “Break my mouth, come on.” At that moment a struggle occurred and the video was cut. It is unknown how the situation continued. Likewise, the user @themimartinez, who uploaded the “escrache” to his Instagram stories, then posted a photo of himself sitting in one of the stands behind the goal. Azzaro He also posted a photo inside the stadium, with his wife and producer: “We continue touring the world, working on what we like and without owing anything to anyone.”


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