Spurs Eyeing Zaccharie Risacher: Will they Trade Up for the 1st Pick in the Draft?

Spurs Eyeing Zaccharie Risacher: Will they Trade Up for the 1st Pick in the Draft?

With their 4th and 8th picks in the Draft, the Spurs are in a strong position. Firstly to recover two very good young people if they wish to keep these two “lottery picks”. But also to set up exchanges. The first option is obviously to trade one of the two picks, or even both, to get back a very high-level veteran. The Darius Garland track was mentioned.

The second option would be to use these two choices to select even higher. And this is what each of their sides reports, ESPN et The Ringer. According to them, the Spurs would have fallen for Zaccharie Risachernow favorite to be the first choice of the 2024 Draft. The winger from Bourg en Bresse would have become the priority of the Spurs, and to avoid seeing him elsewhere, only one solution: deal with the Hawks to recover the 1st choice.

Victor Wembanyama adore Zaccharie Risacher

ESPN recalls that Zacharie Risacher and Victor Wembanyama crossed paths at Asvel three years ago, and that they were very close. We also remember the Spurs pivot’s comments about the winger last January.

“I had the opportunity to spend some time with him. We were both very young at the time, but he would sometimes train with us and he would do some crazy things talent-wise. He is definitely part of this category of players. I probably don’t know anyone more talented than him in this category.”

For their part, the Hawks would find themselves with the 4th pick, and they would have their sights set on Donovan Clingan, the pivot from Connecticut. Its rating has skyrocketed in recent days, and the words of Dan Hurley have reinforced this option: “Quin Snyder is a very intelligent man and I know the Hawks really like Donovan (Clingan). So I was able to talk to them about Donovan, but also ask him for his opinion.”

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