Spurs Eyeing Trade for Darius Garland to Support Victor Wembanyama

Spurs Eyeing Trade for Darius Garland to Support Victor Wembanyama

By Joël Pütz | Sports journalist

Spurs don’t want to wait too long as Victor Wembanyama has proven he can dominate. The objective is therefore to support him as best they can as quickly as possible and for that, they would monitor a potential trade with a franchise from the East.

We expected it before the start of the season, the Spurs gave us proof: even with a Victor Wembanyama who fired at all, there is still a long way to go before becoming a truly competitive team. Gregg Popovich’s men have only won 22 games this year, proof that there is still a lot to do. The quality of the workforce in particular must be seriously revised upwards.

Among the main projects, we obviously include the position of leader. The Jeremy Sochan experience was not really conclusive and if Tre Jones did the job, he is not expected to become a full-time starter. While big names like Trae Young and Chris Paul have been mentioned to come and support the French pivot, it is now towards Cleveland that the Texan leaders are turning their sights.

Darius Garland on the Spurs shelves?

The Spurs would be “very interested” in a trade for Darius Garland, according to Sam Amico.

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Donovan Mitchell having taken over the Cavaliers, the point guard could leave the franchise this summer because his compatibility with Spida is not so obvious. With his career average of 18.4 points and 6.7 assists, all at 38% three-point success, Garland would in any case represent an immediate update at position 1 in San Antonio. And if he is often troubled by injuries, the fans seem rather convinced.

His duet with Wemby would be fire

I already want to see the lobs for Wemby coming out of pick and roll 😩😩

Darius Garland is still relatively young and has already shown great things for the Cavaliers. In other words, his profile could actually intrigue the Spurs. However, it remains to offer a sufficiently attractive counterpart to Cleveland.

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