Sports Journalist with a Passion for Basketball: A Look into the Career of @rodriguezefe

Sports Journalist with a Passion for Basketball: A Look into the Career of @rodriguezefe

He joined La Nueva Provincia in 1995. He works in the Sports section and was a collaborator in Regional and Local News of this same medium. He specializes in basketball. He was part of the staff of Encestando y Zona de Básquet magazine for 10 years. He had experience in the program Radial Contrabásquet, on Radio La Red.

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Emanuel Sánchez from Bahia will referee today, from 9 p.m., the fourth game between Racing (Chivilcoy) and Atenas (Córdoba), a series that leads the visit 2-1 and that would allow him to return to the National League if he wins again tonight.

The refereeing triplet will be completed, along with Sánchez, by Fabricio Vito (elected for the seventh season as the best national referee) and Roberto Smith.

It will be the second opportunity that Sánchez will direct an Argentine League final, after doing so in the third match of the series between Zárate Basket and Independiente de Oliva, in 2021-22, which determined the promotion of the Córdoba team.

Upon his return, more precisely next Wednesday, Emanuel Sánchez will be elected as president of the Bahía Blanca College of Referees, succeeding Sebastián Arcas in office.

He is currently vice president and his place will be taken by Ariel Mallemaci from the city.

The rise

The fifth and final game for direct promotion will be played tomorrow by El Nacional and Barracas, starting at 9 p.m., on the Olimpo field.

Alejandro Ramallo, Marjorie Stuardo and Sebastián Giannino will direct.

The winner will play the next tournament in Primera and the loser will compete for a promotion, best of five, with Estudiantes (11th in Primera), starting on Tuesday the 25th.

In a tremendous game, last Friday the light blue team won, tying the series against a rival that with 8 seconds remaining was ahead 75 to 74, until Damián Carci scored a key triple.

It will happen?

Also tomorrow the Primera finalist who will play against Villa Miter could be defined, when Leandro N. Alem (1) and Bahiense del Norte (2) face each other.

That match will take place on the Villa Miter court, where the verdirrojo serves as the home team, it will begin at 9 p.m. and will be directed by Sebastián Arcas, Néstor Schernenco and Mariano Enrique.

If Alem wins again, the fifth will be on Thursday.

The start of the final is scheduled for Monday the 24th.

On Tuesday

San Lorenzo (11th in the First Division) and Altense (3rd in the Second Division) will have to wait one more week than originally planned to begin the promotion – best of five – and define which of the two will play in the First Division next season.

Initially the first game was scheduled for tomorrow and was moved to Tuesday the 25th.

The series will continue on Friday, July 28 and Tuesday, July 2. If fourth is necessary it will go on Friday the 5th and if there is fifth, it will jump to Friday the 12th.

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