Spain’s path to the Euro Cup final is difficult

Spain’s path to the Euro Cup final is difficult

With one day left before the group stage of the German Euro 2024 closes the curtain, Spain still has no rival for the round of 16, but it already knows that it is in the most complicated part of the draw: On the way to the final they could meet teams with the potential of Germany (if they beat Denmark), Portugal or France. On the other side of the table is Italy, which will face Switzerland, and England, pending group E being defined today (Romania, Belgium, Slovakia and Ukraine have 3 points) and F (Portugal is already first and Turkey, Czech Republic and Georgia aspire to remain in the running).

Spain, in the round of 16, can only face the third classified in group E (currently Slovakia) or that of F (currently Czech Republic), but these groups will be defined this Wednesday with the following matches: Slovakia-Romania and Ukraine Belgium (group E) and Georgia-Portugal and Czech Republic-Turkey (group F).

In any case, Spain has presented its candidacy at the end of the group stage with full victories, something that Portugal can only achieve if it does not fail against Georgia this Wednesday. The team of Luis de la Fuentebesides, He will be the only one to appear in the direct knockout phase without having conceded a goal. He left a clean sheet against Croatia (3-0), Italy (1-0) and Albania (0-1).

The first two matches of the round of 16 will be played on Saturday, June 29. The first will be Switzerland-Italy in Berlin at 6:00 p.m. and the second, at 9:00 p.m., in Dortmund, between Germany (the team that has scored the most goals -8- in the group stage) and Denmark (which has advanced only with two targets).

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