Spain starts late and loses in extra time against Italy

Spain starts late and loses in extra time against Italy

Spain starts late and loses in extra time against Italy

Willy Hernangómez’s attacking performance did not prevent the 84-87 defeat


The Spanish men’s basketball team lost this Tuesday 84-87 in extra time against Italy, despite the good performance of local center Willy Hernangómez, in a match played at the WiZink Center in Madrid and which has served both teams to begin preparing their respective Pre-Olympic Tournaments, which will be played from July 2 to 7.

A ‘mix’ of lights and music, with nods to choruses by Eminen, Cartoons and LMFAO, among others, enlivened the moments before the initial jump. Italy started much better, boosted in attack by two triples from Nicolò Melli for a 1-10 partial in less than three minutes.

Spain was weak in the ‘paint’ and from afar, but reacted thanks to Juancho Hernangómez with a basket at the buzzer and then a cornered triple, to make it 8-12 a minute and a half from finishing the first quarter. Good defense and a quick transition, with Usman Garuba sinking the rim, caused Italy to call a timeout.

Less histrionic than usual, Gianmarco Pozzecco had a small encounter with the Spanish point guard Juan Núñez during the second quarter, the start of which made the red-and-white team smile. First with a triple by Darío Brizuela from a corner and later with another triple by Rudy Fernández, ‘La Familia’ continued to step on the heels of the Italian team.

Jaime Pradilla’s intimidation of Giampaolo Ricci forged a good defensive rebound and, immediately afterwards, Sergio Llull brought Spain within one point (18-19) following a basket from the light bulb. By then Italy’s outside game had dried up, something that Sergio Scariolo’s pupils took advantage of to take the lead in the light.

29-28 with a triple by Álex Abrines, 1:28 before the break, and a sequence of free throws that stretched the hosts’ advantage to +4 (33-28) until the 20th minute was exhausted. It was halfway through the third quarter, after a frontal triple by Núñez in foreshortening, when Scariolo’s men seemed to be fueled (48-39); However, several players accused a lack of rhythm.

The Hernangómez brothers were on the bench for a long time and Garuba did not have a very successful afternoon, although Scariolo continued to give alternatives. Led by John Petrucelli and Danilo Gallinari, the ‘azzurro’ team overcame eight of their nine point deficit (55-54, 58-57) and faced the final stretch of the match with a chance of success.

With 5:17 left, Brizuela missed a front three-pointer, all by himself, but Nico Mannion and Marco Spissu also missed two in a row on Italy’s next attack. Rudy punished that situation by scoring a triple, but Spain wasted another subsequent offensive and Stefano Tonut on the counterattack kept the result within a fist (61-59).

Two free throws scored by Juancho Hernangómez were combined with a foul in attack by Gallinari, with 66-61 and only 2:44 left. His brother Willy scored a basket in the low post and later another shot from the bulb, but Italy chained three triples by Gallinari, Tonut and Spissu to equalize the score (70-70).

Llull showed off, although he was well defended in his penetration to the rim, and Italy mounted a counterattack that culminated in another triple, again from Tonut and this time in a corner. The scoreboard reflected 70-73 and just 15.0 on the game timer. After a time out for Scariolo, Xabi López-Arostegui joined the band, a secondary player for the big scene.

The Valencia Basket forward passed the ball to Núñez and he quickly found Llull, who gained the space of a tile to lift the shot and achieve a signature triple. Pozzecco called a timeout to make a play with the 9.8 remaining to run out, but López-Arostegui prevented Tonut from making a basket on his way to the basket.

Alessandro Pajola hit the buzzer, unbalanced in the air, and the ball bounced off the board to no luck for Italy. In extra time, a three-pointer by Spissu gave the ‘azzurro’ team a lead of 73-78, which grew (73-80) until Santi Aldama scored a saving three-pointer.

With 3:04 left in the clock, this action by the Memphis Grizzlies power forward kept Spain in the ‘ointment’. However, Pozzecco’s team showed accuracy in the personnel line, so the mission of coming back depended on a knockout blow. After a defensive rebound captured by Willy Hernangómez, Aldama wanted to be a hero.

The Gran Canarian hit a triple, cheered by the pavilion, and then Spissu missed a triple after Gallinari had grabbed a vital rebound on a free throw missed by Pajola. Willy took the foul on Ricci, converted his two free throws and made it 84-85 at 41.6 to end the duel.

Spissu handled the next ball with impetus, perhaps too much, since he lost it and on top of that Tonut went backfield in his attempt to recover it. He then had ‘La Familia’ an option to at least force another extension, but Scariolo’s team attacked badly; Willy missed a basket from the light bulb in mid-turn and López-Arostegui fouled an opponent.

The transalpine team secured the victory thanks to their mettle from the free kick and a mistake by Brizuela at the horn, Núñez having served from the baseline, and who was able to count in that second overtime. But his shot bounced off the rim and went out, confirming Spain’s defeat in the first of their two friendlies prior to the Pre-Olympic.


–RESULT: SPAIN, 84 – ITALY, 87 (33-28, at halftime).


SPAIN: Núñez (3), López-Arostegui (-), Abrines (11), Aldama (11) and W.Hernangómez (23) –starting quintet–; Brizuela (8), Díaz (-), Rudy Fernández (9), Garuba (2), J.Hernangómez (7), Llull (8), Parra (9) and Pradilla (2).

ITALY: Spissu (14), Tonut (12), Petrucelli (9), Polonara (8) and Melli (8) –initial quintet–; Mannion (8), Abass (-), Gallinari (16), Ricci (4), Caruso (-) and Pajola (8).

–PARTIALS: 10-14, 23-14, 21-22, 19-23 and 11-14.

–REFEREES: Calatrava, Torres and Olivares. They eliminated Mellien Italia.

–PAVILLION: WiZink Center.

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