Spain does its best in this Euro Cup

Spain does its best in this Euro Cup

Plan B has worked, it has been enough. The matches still need to be finished but de la Fuente’s team has done what it has not achieved since Euro 2008. Full of victories in the group stage that only certifies the dominance of this team in group B. There have been zero goals conceded and five goals scored.

It is also true, and to take something negative from such a colorful and vertical game, that there is a lack of that bit of luck so that the ball, instead of licking the post, ends up in the back of the goal.

Albania started as expected, biting high and looking to recover the ball as close to Raya’s goal as possible but… their energy did not last long. today Yellow, He made the ball flow very quickly and managed to make the Albanians dizzy by moving the ball from one side of the field to the other, looking for a Alex Grimaldo and JesΓΊs Navas who today had an excellent first half. Looking for the baseline and hanging millimeter balls.

It was in a quick transition, saving the Albanian line of pressure, in another arson of honor, in which Dani Olmo has filtered the ball between the center back and the full back looking for the perfect unmarking of a Ferran Torres that he has defined as he did with Luis Enrique. Sticky to the stick, impossible to Thomas Strakosha.

After the goal, Spain continued to dominate but was unable to find another clear chance to close the game. Neither in the first part nor in the second. Albania has started off. Spain slowing down the match. In some Albanian boarding school, the man of the match in defense for Spain has appeared, Dani Vivianwhich has stopped all rival boarding schools.

With one last push, Albania tried to tie the game and raise doubts in the Spanish team, but a confident David Raya appeared to certify the victory.

Finally Albania They have not managed to get more than a draw against Croatia and although they have shown their face in the three group stage matches, it has not been enough and they go home with only 1 single point.

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