Sean Payton to choose between Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson or Bo Nix as Broncos’ starting QB

Sean Payton to choose between Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson or Bo Nix as Broncos’ starting QB

Jun 18, 2024, 12:18 ET

Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson or Bo Nix? Sean Payton is only clear about one thing: whoever starts Week 1 will be the right decision

ENGLEWOOD — Math is cruel. Three players, one starting quarterback spot and essentially one winner.

Los Denver Broncos They put their offseason program on hold last week, and Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson and the rookie Bo Nix They largely ended it where they started it: in a three-way battle to be the team’s starting quarterback. And they leave expecting a decision, one that will likely be made after he begins training camp in late July.

“Everything went my way,” Broncos coach Sean Payton said of the offseason quarterback program. “…It kind of went the way we expected. A lot of good things to train on, a lot of things to correct.”

Sean Payton and the Broncos’ offensive coaches have insisted that the offseason program was largely about giving the quarterbacks the “setup” (the full look at the playbook) to give them the foundation to truly compete more. forward this summer.

Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson and Bo Nix, who will be chosen by Sean Payton to be the Broncos’ starting QB? AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Nix He is a rookie and Wilson He recently arrived in a pre-draft trade with the New York Jetsso they have much less experience in the offensive Payton what Stidham, who was acquired last offseason. The offseason program was also an attempt to take the angst out of the process, something that quarterbacks coach, Davis Webbnoted that it was addressed at their first position group meeting.

“The competition sometimes gets a little risky, but we did it in the first meeting, that’s not going to happen here,” he noted. Webb. “We are all going to support each other, we want the best from everyone and what the coaches decide, they decide.”

When asked how important that message was in preparation for what is to come, Webb He added: “Oh yeah, no one wants to be in a nasty room, in a nasty relationship at all. Communication is the power in any successful relationship; we try to instill that every day.”

When quarterbacks return to training camp, the emphasis will largely be on their performance. Because although Payton He said he doesn’t have a specific decision in mind, he knows there is a deadline.

“I have an end date,” he said. Payton. “That would be the week before the first game, but I don’t have a set date.”

But until Payton walk into a team meeting and tell the players who will be the starting quarterback this season, it will be the most important, most discussed, most criticized, pushed and turned decision you will make.

“We have a pretty good plan on how to address this,” he said. Webb. “…We have a pretty good town.”

Each player showed flashes of what they could contribute as a starting quarterback. In addition to starting the last two games of last season after Russell Wilson was sent to the bench, Stidham has a head start on the offense Payton and five seasons in the NFL to his credit. She achieved a QBR 31.1 in those starts, completing 40 of 66 passes for 496 yards with two touchdown passes and an interception.

According to several staff members who have evaluated the quarterbacks of the Broncos, Wilson, the Jets’ second overall pick in 2021, has the liveliest arm and potentially the biggest pitching portfolio. Never found balance New Yorkregistering a QBR below 40 in each of his three seasons and completing 57 percent of his passes with 23 touchdown passes and 25 interceptions.

Y Nix He has the confidence of the organization that comes from being the 12th pick in April’s draft. It was the first time that a team coached by Sean Payton selected a quarterback before the third round, since 2006.

Nix24, has been consistently praised for his maturity, the product of five seasons as a starter in Auburn y Oregonthe latter of which saw him throw for 4,508 yards and 45 touchdown passes with just three interceptions.

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“You can feel his 61 games played at the university,” highlighted the offensive coordinator. Joe Lombardi. “With experience comes calm. It certainly doesn’t feel like a rookie. You’re learning a completely new system, so whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, that’s common to all of these people.”

“He’s seen a lot and he doesn’t make the same mistake twice very often. There’s a level of maturity. I think when you draft a guy who’s a little older, you hope he’s [la madurez] come with it, but he certainly showed it.”

The wide receiver of the Broncos, Courtland SuttonHe added: “Whoever ends up leaving will give us the best chance to win… I know the politics of the game, I know everyone is looking for [Nix] so that he is the chosen one.”

Sean Payton He stressed that he tried hard to divide first-team work as evenly as possible for each quarterback in organized team activities and minicamps, and that each quarterback often had a specific “day” to practice with the starting offense.

When minicamp ended, he was asked Payton whether he had seen anything that could influence how the first team’s work would be divided on the training ground. Payton He said he hasn’t decided how to divide the workload and wasn’t yet sure if the quarterbacks would begin camp with an even number of starting reps.

“We’ll have a plan when we start camp,” he said. Payton. “And then we started making some decisions regarding reps and all that.”

Payton He continued as he normally does with this type of query, indicating that the answer will be clear.

“We have to see it,” he continued. Payton. “…I think the most important thing is the right decision.”

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