Scottie Barnes Signs Max Contract with Toronto Raptors: The Future of the Franchise

Scottie Barnes Signs Max Contract with Toronto Raptors: The Future of the Franchise

Scottie Barnes It is the axis of the future project of the Toronto Raptors. Whoever was Rookie of the Year in 2022 and All-Star in this 2023-24 season aspires to renew for a maximum contract with the Canadian franchise. Information provided by Adrian Wojnarowski de ESPN and that makes him the first player in the 2021 Draft to renew upwards.

The total salary you will receive Scottie Barnes will amount to 270 million dollars spread over five seasons, being the last player option. However, it should be noted that the extension will not come into effect until 2025-26, just after the first contract signed on a rookie scale has expired. However, it should be noted that he will only reach those numbers if he is All-NBA, All-Defense MVP or Defensive Player of the Year. If not, the total will remain at 225 million dollars.

Barnes has proven from the first moment that he is a player that can be built around and the Raptors have made it clear that they want to explore that avenue. To achieve this, they have not only done the right thing by renewing the young forward, but also moving in the market to shore up an extremely interesting squad for the future. They came first RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley and later Bruce Brown and a good package of Draft rounds, which together with the salary space generated aspire to continue improving the rotation.

Toronto had until the start of the next 2024-25 season in October to reach an agreement, but it did not take them long to reach a point of consensus between the two parties. A tune that will have to be seen how long it lasts in an NBA that is so changing with respect to young people and projects like the current one.

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Scottie Barnes’ max contract: Total salary and money per season


2024-25 10.1M 23 2025-26 38.7M 24 2026-27 41.8M 25 2027-28 44.9M 26 2028-29 48M 27 2029-30 51.1M* 28

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Scottie Barnes’ statistics in the NBA with Toronto Raptors





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