Saturday Celebration: Sports and Music Festival in Flume Ille

Saturday Celebration: Sports and Music Festival in Flume Ille

Saturday, the day of celebration will begin from 2 p.m., with sport. There will be numerous proposals with athletics, volleyball, weightlifting but also unusual activities. Among all these proposals, note parabadminton with the Flume Ille badminton club which will be present to give a demonstration. We want to show that practicing sport is possible for everyone. The objective is to make contacts and perhaps make new members,” explains Pascale Sauvage, member of the club.

The Music Festival is from 6 p.m. We have planned three scenes, two on the green corridor and one at the Synchrobar. Ten groups are on the program. As always with our association, everything is free. Our profits are made solely from the sale of drinks and snacks. We hope for good attendance because after a burglary, we suffered losses and damage. But as usual, with the Excintriques, smiles and good humor will be present,” indicates Olivier Illien, president of the association.

Contact : such. 06 63 58 98 09; Flume Ille badminton, tel. 06 69 45 11 21.

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