Rural Revitalization Through Sports: Taizhou Jiangyan Farmers Embrace Nature in ‘Sports +’ Model

Taizhou Jiangyan: Farmers “compete” for nature, and the “sports +” model adds vitality to rural revitalization

2024/06/17 18:45 Taizhou News Network

Competitions at home, players around, enthusiastic spectators… basketball games, cross-country running, water events, and fun sports are all on stage. In June, the colorful rural events in Jiangyan District of Taizhou City allow farmers to exercise, gain health and happiness, and add new vitality to the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside.

New highlights of “Village BA”

On June 16, the first rural basketball game in Qintong Town, Jiangyan District came to an end in Xuehe Village, presenting 6 exciting and interesting rural events in 3 days.

These days, town and village cadres, enterprise employees and local farmers all took to the field, the youngest being 19 and the oldest 50. The audience brought their own stools and benches, and found places to watch the game wherever they could. Sisters and aunts also came to dance to liven up the atmosphere, and young people used their mobile phones to live stream and share the game. If someone lost the ball on the field, the uncles and aunts next to them would get anxious, and they could tell you what was offside and what was a foul.

The highlight of this “Village BA” in Qintong Town is to spread the concept of ecological environmental protection, use the traffic of the game to drive more people to pay attention to the village and pay attention to environmental protection. Qian Wei, secretary of the Party branch and director of the village committee of Xuehe Village, said: “The golf course is set up in the open space in front of the Party and Mass Service Center. Villagers do not throw away garbage, bring their own water cups, and help clean up after the game. The water and roads in the village are clean, and many golfers come here by bike to participate in the competition.”

Villager Chu Shuanglong exclaimed, “I watched every round of the six round-robin matches! The prizes for the ball games are also interesting, you can win a pig or a goose, I didn’t expect it to be so exciting!”

Since the start of the basketball game, at night, the four searchlights installed on the stadium are as bright as day, and the villagers can be seen practicing basketball. The rural public space has played the role of “construction, management and use”.

There are racetracks everywhere in the countryside

In early June, Yuxi Town held a national sports meeting. For two days, the Baolaohu Forest Park in Yuxi Town was bustling with people, with parents and children running and stilt walking on the tree-lined avenue, tug-of-war, rope skipping, basketball games, dragon dance performances in the open air, and double oar boat races on the Donggang River in the town… Farmers in the water town “competed” with nature and released the joy of sports.

Chen Genlin, deputy secretary of the Yuxi Town Party Committee, introduced that Baolao Lake was originally a low-lying area. Last year, it was transformed into a high-quality ecological environment and more than 10 standard sports venues were built, including an 11-a-side football field, badminton courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, indoor table tennis halls and badminton halls. Every village has a fitness field to facilitate people’s fitness.

At present, as night falls, Yanmo Park in Louzhuang Town has become a popular place for farmers to check in. The park, which accounts for 70% of the green space, is equipped with caged football fields, basketball courts, fitness trails, and badminton courts. The surrounding people have set off a fitness craze, and the annual employee sports meeting has just been held here.

The 1.2-kilometer riverside fitness corridor in Fengzhuang Village, Qintong Town, was originally a wasteland along the river. It has now become a fitness venue for villagers. The Xiangtai Family Common Growth Base and Qunyuan Research and Practice Tourism Base adjacent to Qinhu Avenue are fully equipped with sports facilities and carry out agricultural-related sports projects, enriching the “Sports and Fitness Going to the Countryside” activities.

“Competition” creates a new picture of revitalization

At present, there are constant competitions in towns and villages in Jiangyan District. The enthusiasm of the masses for sports is high on the stadiums, the markets outside the stadiums are crowded, and theatrical performances with regional characteristics are interspersed between competitions, reflecting the new picture of happy life in the countryside.

In spring and summer, Chuncao Village in Yuduo Town, a fishing base in Jiangsu Province, is crowded with people, and many fishing competitions are held here. Cultural and sports tourism projects such as “Smart Village”, “Fresh Farm Tasting”, “Ditch Harbor Fish Charm” and “Duowan Fishing” have painted a new picture of the spiritual outlook of farmers in the new era. During the competition, the “Scent of the Earth” and “Grass Eye Spirit” liaison stations hosted by post-90s village official Ding Zhi helped villagers sell rice, fish, shrimp, crabs and other specialties.

“When holding a fishing competition, contestants usually stay for about three days, which can bring economic benefits in terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation.” Ma Shun, secretary of the Party branch of Chuncao Village, introduced that the total length of the fishing area is 2.3 kilometers, the core area is 600 acres, and it attracts 12,000 tourists every year.

At the end of 2023, the Dalun Town Rural Mini Marathon will start in Xingchi Village of the town, and the Fuyang Food Culture and Tourism Festival will also be launched. With the event as a medium, Dalun Town has tracked and negotiated a number of high-quality projects with a total investment of 1.026 billion yuan, including the Beautiful Ranch for Intelligent Breeding of Yellow-feathered Broilers, the Dalun Digital Agriculture (Vegetable) Industrial Park in Jiangyan, and the Special Materials Industrial Park, which signed on the spot. “Running on the country road, dogs barking, chickens and sheep calling, my eyes are full of homesickness, and my heart wants to develop.” Zhou Zhengming, president of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Jiangyan and a local sage in Dalun Town, invested 50 million yuan to build an e-commerce industrial park in his hometown.

The popular rural “sports” style is spread through the Internet, and the “traffic” of events is transformed into “incremental” high-quality development. The “sports +” model has increased income-generating opportunities for villagers and demonstrated the vitality and charm that sports have given to rural revitalization.

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