Rovira demands from Sánchez the unique financing to invest Illa in the first national council of ERC in the midst of an internal crisis

Rovira demands from Sánchez the unique financing to invest Illa in the first national council of ERC in the midst of an internal crisis

Barcelona It is the first time that ERC meets its national council since the 12-M coup and the subsequent internal crisis that has been unleashed in the party. The meeting comes just the week that Oriol Junqueras has taken a temporary step back with the intention of running for re-election in the November 30 congress. His resignation is proof of the breakup of the tandem that until now was with Marta Rovira at the head of the party, because the general secretary has defended a leadership relay. In the midst of an internal crisis, the party will also have to face the negotiations for the investiture of Salvador Illa or Carles Puigdemont and, in his open speech, Rovira wanted to make it clear that obtaining unique funding for Catalonia remains a red line for invest the socialist leader. “The PSC must know that if Pedro Sánchez is not able to move the bill with the financing, it is very difficult for ERC to support Salvador Illa”, said Rovira in an open intervention.

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Rovira has confirmed that they will meet with the PSC next week, it will be Tuesday, as he has said The vanguard, but also with Junts. In both parties, Rovira has asked them to put proposals on the table. Of course, Esquerra also sets its conditions, which mainly pass, to achieve the economic concert. “We will continue to defend singular funding in the first place. We have to take this first step before achieving the referendum,” said Rovira. A way of saying that the referendum will not have the same weight in the negotiation with the PSC as the economic concert. Be that as it may, the Republican leader has also sent a message to the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, to whom she has warned that ERC will not accept “some singularities in the framework of financing”. “It is the minimum required”, he reiterated.

With the internal crisis open, the party will have to face the momentous decision of whether to support an investiture of Salvador Illa. An issue that will strain the party, as has already been done by the agreement that the Barcelona federation had concluded with the PSC of Jaume Collboni in Barcelona and that the bases had to be validated on Thursday, but that the congress had to end up being postponed because the militancy exceeded capacity forecasts to address a debate that strained relations between the national leadership and that of the Catalan capital. In fact, any negotiation with the socialists generates division within the party between supporters of making pacts beyond independence and those who advocate not playing the game in the PSC.

The internal crisis

Since the defeat of 12-M and the subsequent executive of 15 May, which was long and tense, the party is immersed in a crisis of leadership and direction that will not close until the autumn congress. Rovira has admitted the bad results in the last Catalan elections and has admitted that, despite having achieved issues such as pardons, the suppression of sedition or amnesty, this has not had its positive translation electorally. “We went so fast that people didn’t understand us. Or we didn’t explain ourselves well enough. We can improve and we can change,” he said. Rovira stressed that the party must tackle a “reflection process that must be internal and its own”.

The now number one of the party has said this in an open intervention – the first part could not be heard for technical reasons – in which, this time, the party has not allowed the media to access the room where did the national council to follow it or take pictures of the meeting, but it is the party that has distributed them. The general secretary has admitted that training must be adapted to the new political cycle. A new cycle that is Rovira herself who, apart from coordinating the negotiations for the investiture, will also pilot the organic life of the party until November 30. This Saturday’s national council is the first attended by Oriol Junqueras without being president of the party. As former president, the only body Junqueras can participate in is the national council. He has the right to vote and, if he wishes, he can also intervene.

The former Republican leader is now starting a “listening process” to the militancy to try to get their endorsement. On Monday he said goodbye to the executive and on Tuesday he said goodbye to the workers. Marta Rovira, on the other hand, has decided to take a step back after November 30 and has defended a leadership renewal at the head of the party. In fact, the general secretary has assumed all the weight of the party since Monday and is the one who will pilot this entire interim period. The unknown that remains to be resolved is whether the critics of Junqueras will present an alternative candidate in next autumn’s congress.

Before the national council, the executive of Esquerra met and it was there that former ERC deputy Jordi Solé submitted his resignation. Solé expressed his displeasure after the party removed him from its lists in the European elections and now also admits he is leaving after “deep disappointment”.

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