Rookie Wide Receiver Malik Nabers Making an Impact with New York Giants

Rookie Wide Receiver Malik Nabers Making an Impact with New York Giants

The rookie wide receiver hasn’t needed much time to get noticed with the New York franchise

EAST RUTHERFORD — Malik Nabers contorted his body in the air in one of the corners of the end zone to make an acrobatic touchdown catch over Cor’Dale Great during a Thursday mandatory minicamp practice.

It was the finishing touch to an afternoon that was dominated by the rookie wide receiver.

“You know, it’s just me. When I’m out there on the field, everything I do is just me,” he said. Nabers. “I can’t really say, ‘I can do it in the NFL‘. The only thing I can do is play at the level of my competition.

“It was one of those days where I was playing at a high level. I’m just glad I was able to show it with the team. That’s really what happened.”

In terms of confidence, Giants rookie Malik Nabers lacks nothing. Luke Hales/Getty Images

It’s not just the work with the first-team offense as the primary wide receiver that makes him Nabers stand out; He also does it in individual exercises. He caught the ball in the air while stretching the ball behind his head, while the rest of his teammates did special teams drills.

But, it is the speed that really makes Nabers something special.

“He’s fast. He’s definitely fast. And, a lot of defensive backs are going to have to deal with that,” he admitted. Greatwho has worked against Nabers in this spring.

If first impressions are to matter, Nabers it’s fine.

“I’ll just say how explosive he is with his weight, the way he catches the ball, what he does after the catch, the run after the catch, all of that is elite,” noted the wide receiver. Jalin Hyatt immediately about his new friend.

There is little doubt that Nabers made his presence felt in the first months with the Giants during spring. He immediately became a regular with the first-team offense in practice, being moved to different parts of the lineup.

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It’s as if the team has already decided that Nabers is the No. 1 wide receiver after the tight end’s official retirement Darren Waller.

“I think he can be a tremendous weapon for us. He’s had a great spring. He’s focused and makes a lot of good plays. You know, it takes time and work, and that’s what we put in,” the quarterback said. Daniel Jones. “I mean, he can do it all. There’s not much he can’t do, really, from a route-running perspective. He’s dynamic with the ball in his hands, and strong, fast, explosive, catches the ball well.”

Still, it takes more than just talent to be successful at the level. NFL. Confidence also helps.

Nabersmuch like other top-line receivers, lacks nothing in that category.

“Believe [que dejo] A good impression. When I’m out there on the field, the level of competition rises to the highest, because my competition, I come with the beast, I come with the energy when I’m out there,” he declared. Nabers.

“So, having me on the field, it’s been helpful for those other older guys there. I’m just trying to bring some excitement out there on the field. The celebrations, I know you’ve seen a lot of celebrations, so I’m just trying to get everyone ready for the practice”.

The 20-year-old player from Louisiana is already being compared to Odell Beckham Jr.who also played in LSU before being recruited by the Giants in the first round of 2014 NFL Draft.

Of course, to Nabers He still has a long way to go. Beckham He started his career in New York with three consecutive seasons of at least 1,300 yards.

El head coach Brian Daboll keeps everything in perspective.

“No, obviously we thought he was a good player when we selected him. He has a lot to learn,” he stressed. Daboll. “He was a productive player in LSUyou have a long way to go here.

“That’s what we talked about a little bit with the tight ends, along with the wide receivers now, he’s got to learn multiple positions. He’s showing progress every day, and we’ll try to get him ready for training camp.”

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