Romania is cruel to a fragile Ukraine and presents its candidacy for the revelation of the Euro Cup

Romania is cruel to a fragile Ukraine and presents its candidacy for the revelation of the Euro Cup

For Ukrainethe match against Romania era, beyond the importance of a debut in a Euro Cup, a matter of pride. “Representing my country at the most difficult moment in its history is an honor for all of us,” he had stated. Sergey Rebrov, su entrenador, just an hour before the crash. “We want to remind the world what we are going through and prove that we are competitive and continue to excel, even during a war”warned his companion in fatigues for so many years, the legendary striker Andriy Shevchenkonow president of the Federation.

Perhaps too much responsibility for a team that has many more spotlights on it than it is used to. A context of self-pressure due to extra-sports situations that, judging by the result, ended up weighing and from which he took advantage a solid and well-established Romania, who did not give anything away and presented his candidacy for the revelation of the Euro Cup. Leadered by an omnipresent Dennis Man, He took advantage of practically every approach to Lunin’s goal to sign a rout (3-0) that left the team he led Edward Iordanescu with a foot and a half in the playoffs.

And at the beginning, the game seemed like it was going to go in other directions. Brave, Ukraine took the initiative from the first minute. Con Artem Dobvyk, LaLiga pichichias a clear reference in point and wings of many carats, with his partner in Girona Tsygankov and the Chelsea player Mudryk on the bands. Wanting to combine, coming out from behind and looking for the ends of her, she began to enter, without knowing it, into the spider web that Romania wove.

Until he appeared on the scene Nicholas Stanciu to drive the tens of thousands of Romanians who filled the stands of the stadium to delirium. Allianz Arena in Munich. Half an hour into the game, a bad pass behind the Ukrainian defender Matviyenko forced Lunin to make a poor clearance, finishing the ball at the feet of a Man who gave way to the Romanian captain. This one, from the front and first, found the corner of the Ukrainian goal with an unappealable right hand.

The goal endorsed the approach of a patient Romania, willing to cede all dominance to Ukraine and take refuge in their field against the waiting for a counter with which to kill the game. They were on the verge of achieving it before the break Man, with a shot from outside the area that was poisoned after hitting Sharapenko and came out just shy of the post, and Stanciu himself, who almost scored the Olympic goal in the subsequent play against a hesitant Lunin after the error in the goal that opened the scoring.

A feeling of nerves, both in the goalkeeper and in his teammates, which was palpable after resumption. Just five minutes after the start of the second half, Marin He put land in the middle with a very distant shot that He slipped under the hands of the Real Madrid goalkeeper. And even more so when almost on the next play, a Manwithout a doubt the best of the match, was hit into the net by Darlingfinishing sentencing the crash.

Two direct blows to the chin in just four minutes what melted Ukraine. The boys tried to react Rebrov in search of a goal that would put them back in the game, but Romania hardly left even the crumbs. Comfortable taking a step back, retreating, letting time pass, at times with a line of seven defenders, the Romanian team had a blast recovering and combining with speed, coming out in a stampede.

Thus died a crash that leaves the Romanian team in a privileged position to assault the round of 16. Framed in the group E with Belgium and Slovakiaa priori two second-tier teams, with three points already in their pockets and the goal tally skyrocketing after overwhelming Ukraine, those of Iordanescu They will now seek to certify their presence in the first round of the qualifiers, until now its highest level in a Euro Cupachieved in the 2000 edition.

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