Riccardo Calafiori knows how to start again

Riccardo Calafiori knows how to start again

It’s 2018 when Riccardo Calafioriat the time a promising young player Romasuffered a very serious injury to his left knee during a Youth League match against Victoria Plezen. The knee appears almost disintegrated, the ligaments completely broken, as are the menisci. When doctors look at the reports they almost don’t believe it. They are motorbike injuries, they say.

Calafiori is just 16 years old and some are even talking about saying goodbye to football. Today he is in the national team, he is one of the symbols of Bologna in the Champions League. Do you think it will be a problem for someone like him to start again after an own goal?

Calafiori. Photo Source: JuveNews24

Calafiori’s career

Raised in Roma’s youth team, he always played under age Trigoria, first with the Under17s and then with the Primavera. A journey towards the first team, with the first call-up in October 2019 and then the debut, in the victory against Juventus, on the last day of the championship, in August 2020. In November the first goal arrived, with an extraordinary shot from outside against Young Boys, in the Europa League.

Then Josè arrives in Trigoria Mourinho, which needs a ready team, of “mad dogs”. And Calafiori is not part of the plans. First it goes on loan to Genoathen a year of apprenticeship at Basel, who takes it home for a 1.5 million bonus. In August 2023 comes the call of Bologna, which puts 4 million euros on the table. Quotes that make you laugh if you consider that today, at least on Transfermarkt, his value is 10 times as much.

Calafiori in his time with Roma. Photo Source: Corriere dello Sport

A rebirth also in the role

Calafiori has changed a lot in recent years. Previously he was a left back with good running and a great propensity to cross. Now he has become a central defender, regaining the role he had lost at Roma’s youth team.

At the time they called it “Scraper”, for that way he had of advancing decisively and powerfully, but always with elegance and precision. A style that we also find now, in Bologna and with the national team. “Own goals are beautiful because they make us human – write the German journalists of Spiegelonly Calafiori does not see the beauty of the moment and remains lying on his stomach as if hoping to be eaten by the grass. Own goals are king of the cringe era. The own goal is the crack in the matrix, the triumph of chance over plan, the perfect accident”. The ideal fall to then rise again. Something that Calafiori does quite well.

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