Reviving a Legendary Structure: The Inauguration of Varese Basketball Guesthouse

Reviving a Legendary Structure: The Inauguration of Varese Basketball Guesthouse

Many years ago, when the Ignis-branded Varese basketball dominated the Europe of baskets, there was one in Comerio “house of sport” desired by Giovanni Borghi where to host, pamper, grow and improve the many talents hired by “Cumenda” to make its brand and its teams of various disciplines great. A legendary structure – especially for those who have only heard of it – but who somehow, today, come back to life.

Ai “Suspended Gardens” of Masnago, the building complex that rises – coincidentally – in via Giovanni Borghi the new one was inaugurated Varese Basketball Guesthouse: a place strongly desired by Luis Scola and the current red and white management, in which the club philosophy. That is, to train the talents of the future at home, who can reach Serie A, raised at home also with a common technical line year after year.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT – The guesthouse occupies an entire floor of the Suspended Gardens: in fact it is six apartments “merged” together so as to offer 14 rooms single rooms (with a total of beds that can reach around 20) dedicated to players recruited to play in the youth sector. A structure that provides a common kitchen with a cook professional available for several hours a day.

There are two green areas outsideshared spaces for the kids but also a small apartment for the tutor who will, in practice, be the reference figure for the guesthouse and which will also have a meeting area available to welcome people.
A notable effort, not quantified by the managers: the entire property was in fact purchased by Luis Scola and made available to the company.

THE CHILDREN’S HOUSE – «We have just finished the work, today we proceed with the inauguration and the start of the new sports season this will officially become the home of our kids” he explains Federico BellottoScola’s assistant in charge of illustrating the guesthouse.

“We are very close to the building and the Campus which is the center of our training – continues Bellotto – an ideal location that joins all comforts that players will be able to enjoy. It is designed for young people included in the youth teams and possibly for those who, perhaps already trained, want to spend a period of work here, to discover our playing philosophy. Currently, however, we will limit ourselves to players who are part of the project».

The first “stress test” will take place in about ten days when the guesthouse will host the Argentina national under 17 team (the one in which the red and white pivot Ivan Prato plays). A first date waiting for the Hanging Gardens to come populated by young red and white hopesa bit like what happened in those roaring years of Comerio.

Assui: “Scola and Mandole are decisive. Signing with Varese is a dream”

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