Renato Tapia’s Contract with Celta de Vigo Set to End: Tensions with FPF and Copa América Exit

Renato Tapia’s Contract with Celta de Vigo Set to End: Tensions with FPF and Copa América Exit

Renato Tapia will end his contract with Celta de Vigo on June 30. Photo: LR composition/Luis Jiménez/La República

Last Tuesday, June 11, Renato Tapia and the Peruvian Football Federation entered a tense situation before the friendly involving the peruvian team in the Copa América 2024. The captain of the Bicolor confirmed that he did not travel with the rest of the squad for the next matches because the FPF could not guarantee him the necessary protection in case of an injury.

In the midst of this problem, Jorge Fossati confirmed to the media that Renato Tapia will not be part of the Copa América 2024. A day after what happened, Movistar journalist Michael Succar said that this tense relationship between Tapia and the president of the Federation Peruana de Fútbol (FPF) Agustín Lozano has been coming from before, something that could have influenced this last negotiation of protection insurance.

What did Michael Succar say about the relationship between Renato Tapia and Agustín Lozano?

From Philadelphia, Michael Succar pointed out that this coming and going between the national midfielder and the boss of the FPF has been going on since before. when Tapia approached Lozano to propose an amount for the presentation of the Peruvian team in the friendlies and Lozano did not comply.

“There is information that I have found out along the way that has been little commented on and has to do with all this. For example, with this distrust of Renato Tapia to end up being persuaded by Jorge Fossati, to accept his proposals, to accept his arguments, to choose to travel and trust. This back and forth with Agustín Lozano begins earlier. It begins when Tapia, as captain, goes to Lozano to propose a figure for the presentation of friendly matches,” he said. in a beginning.

Although Agustín Lozano committed to the figure, he later backtracked, which generated the discomfort of the Celta de Vigo player who is still a player.. This discomfort made her feel the day of the match against Paraguay, something that the manager did not like either.

“They agree on a figure, Lozano accepts and then, when the document had to be signed, he backs away. This obviously bothered Tapia, who made his discomfort felt right on the day of the match against Paraguay. Neither did Agustín Lozano. He was amused to find this rudeness and disagreement. From there this tense relationship begins, which carries over to the insurance negotiation,” he added.

Then, the sports commentator specified that this insurance issue could be resolved more quickly, as happened with Yoshimar Yotún a while ago, when he played in Germany. In this case, it took the FPF 5 days to find him international insurance.

Why didn’t Renato Tapia travel with the Peruvian team?

Renato Tapia ends his contract with Celta de Vigo on June 30. Due to the lack of a club to support him in case of injuries, the 28-year-old has decided to leave the national team temporarily. The 28-year-old midfielder bases his request before the Peruvian Football Federation on the FIFA Club Protection Program.

According to this regulation, compensation to the athlete stops “when the footballer’s contract comes to an end.” In addition, it is specified that “after that date, you are not covered in the event of a serious injury.”

How much does the insurance that Renato Tapia needed to play for Peru in the Copa América cost?

Johnny Baldovinothe legal advisor of the Safap (Association of Professional Footballers), revealed the amount of the insurance required Renato Tapia on América Television. “They are expensive, there are none in Peru, you have to look abroad. You are not talking about little money, you are talking, more or less, about between 80,000 and 100,000 dollars per month“said the lawyer.

“What Renato does is natural. Yes, the contract is until June 30, but as of July 1 he is a free player and he would have to assume any consequences that his physical condition assumes, he already put himself at risk in the match against Paraguay. What happens if he gets injured, if it is a serious injury that keeps him off the field for 7-8 months, lately there have been many cruciate ligament injuries,” he added.

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