Remembering Marco Ubani: A Legend of Italian Baseball

Remembering Marco Ubani: A Legend of Italian Baseball

Neptune mourns one of its most representative baseball players of the 80s and 90s. He passed away in a Roman hospital at just 59 years old, the day before yesterday, after a long battle against an incurable disease Marco Who. Born in 1965, he was unquestionably one of the strongest left fielders in the history of Italian baseball.
A fighter on and off the pitch, he was for years one of the key elements of that Nettuno team that won practically everything there was to win in Italy and Europe, together with his partner Ruggero Bagialemani, an indissoluble couple on and off the pitch. As well as being a cornerstone of the Italian national team for many years, he was also talked about at the Olympics.

The carreer

His career began way back in 1981 until 2001, when after winning the scudetto, the fifth of his career, he decided to definitively hang up his glove. The following year, at the first home match of Caffé Danesi Nettuno with the scudetto on his chest, his shirt, number 11, was retired, along with Giampiero Faraone’s number 30.
Marco Ubani’s career numbers are those of an absolute champion. The statistics speak of 790 games played, 3,431 total appearances in the box, 2,916 AB, 642 runs scored, 933 hits and a lifetime batting average of 320, topped with 52 home runs. Nicknamed “Martello” due to his skills in the box, but also “Gordon” due to his blond hair and his only apparently glacial expression, on the pitch he was the archetype of the perfect player. Athletic, quick with his legs, precise with his arm, always focused. Above all, a polite person, never a word out of place, reserved and away from the spotlight. As well as a great music fan.

The funeral

The teammates, roommates, friends for life, Roberto De Franceschi and Ruggero Bagialemani were present yesterday with the whole team at the funeral in Nettuno at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Goretti.
«I served first, he served second, always like this for many years, even in the national team. Always roommates on the road, close even on the pitch since I played outside center and he played left. I’m having a hard time finding the words to describe it. An incredible player, a person of rare humanity, of uncommon kindness and friendliness.” And then the words break with emotion, as is probably understandable.
Marco Ubani fought like a lion, as was his habit, against a terrible disease. In the last few weeks it seemed that his condition was improving, then this morning the tragic news. He leaves behind his wife Piera and his sons Federico and Gian Marco. And for the passionate fans of the “old game” there is an unbridgeable void, because after all it is a piece of a great Neptune that is passing away” commented De Franceschi in tears.
Ruggero Bagialemani, another living legend of Nettuno Baseball, joins in the great sorrow for the death of their companion: «A sad day, last Thursday, around 12 I received the news that I would never have wanted to receive, my close friend Marco Ubani is no longer here and had flown away, like an angel, the angel who has always been on and off the pitch.

My life suddenly flashed before me in just a few minutes. A companion of countless battles, of impossible victories and defeats that nevertheless served to make us grow. I was 2 years older than him and made my debut in Serie A in 1978, he in 1981. Good, generous, priceless boy, together with the other companions with that Great Neptune we won everything that was possible to win in Italy and Europe. In addition to Nettuno we played with the Italian national team, winning the European Championships. I am very sad along with the other teammates. Yesterday we accompanied him on his last journey, greeting him and thanking him for allowing us to be his friends, brothers of indelible deeds. In our minds and in our hearts there will always be the magnificent people of the great Nettuno baseball who have always accompanied us and never abandoned us. Hello great Champion, you will always be in my heart.”


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