Rekindling Friendships: Letizia Petris Continues to Connect with Big Brother Contestants

Rekindling Friendships: Letizia Petris Continues to Connect with Big Brother Contestants

After Big Brother, Letizia Petris is continuing to hang out with the contestants who lived this experience with her. One of her in particular gave her a unique emotion.

Participate in Big Brother it means exposing yourself in front of the cameras all day and for many months. Alfonso Signorini every year he carefully chooses all the contestants, this is a very important moment for the success of the reality show. Fueling gossip and exciting dynamics is what is needed for the success of the format.

Every year there are many contestants who, more prevalently than the others, manage to gain the attention of viewers. This year Mirko and Perla were the absolute protagonists. the two boys broke up Temptation Island and they made peace in the house, feeding the curiosity day of

Letizia Petris crazy with joy: who went to dinner at her house

With Mirko and Perla, many other competitors also captured the public’s interest. There are several couples born within the program. One of these is made up of Letizia and Paolo. The two entered the reality show at the beginning and at first they lived and met as friends. Over time, however, Paolo showed a clear interest in the girl and little by little, a relationship was born authentic feeling. Once you exit the program there were no doubtstheir love has triumphed. The couple is spending a lot of time together, finally away from the cameras. They often meet with the other protagonists of this edition, some relationships continue at full speed today again.

From Letizia Petris’ social profile, the dedication to Marco Maddaloni, having dinner at his house after Big Brother

Marco Maddaloni he was at dinner at Letizia’s house, an evening spent in the company of chatter and laughter. He too was among the contestants in this edition of Big Brother. Marco made himself known in his essence, a nice and very humble man. Letizia shared a shot of her on social media writing: “I still can’t believe that the Judo world champion is here in my house. Champion not only in his profession but also in life, I love you”. Many relationships born between Big Brother contestants over the years are still alive today and stronger than ever. This is the clear demonstration of how authentic feelings and sincere friendships are gas necessary to be able to best deal with this type of experience. This year’s edition has just ended, what will be the relationships that will be able to withstand the routine and the passing of the years? Only time can bring this about truth. Letizia is also one of Perla’s closest friends winner of this edition.

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