Raphinha Sindir Mbappe, Bringing the 2022 World Cup Final

Raphinha Sindir Mbappe, Bringing the 2022 World Cup Final


Kylian Mbappe was again ‘attacked’ by South American players because of his comments about the European Cup. This time it was Raphinha’s turn to satirize the French bomber.

Mbappe made American footballer Latih’s ears hot with his remarks ahead of the 2024 European Cup. He claimed that the Euro tournament was much more difficult than the World Cup.

Mbappe’s comments emphasize his views regarding the superiority of European football. This new Real Madrid star previously boasted that the Blue Continent’s football level was far above South America.

Several CONMEBOL zone footballers responded to Kylian Mbappe’s comments. From Argentina there were Lisandro Martinez and Lionel Messi who denied this statement by claiming that the World Cup was much more challenging than the European Cup.

A similar comment was now given by the Brazilian national team player, Raphinha. He hit back at Mbappe by alluding to the results of the 2022 World Cup final when France was defeated by Argentina.

Not only that, Raphinha also touched on the big challenges of CONMEBOL zone matches at high altitudes like Bolivia. According to him, European teams may not be able to face that.

“Mbappe said the Euros were more difficult than the World Cup? Unfortunately for him and our happiness, he lost the World Cup against a South American team,” Raphinha told ESPN Brazil.

“I want to see European teams qualifying in South America, on the pitches and altitudes we face. I want to see that and want to know whether it is easy or difficult,” he explained.

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