Racing Preseason Begins June 26: Key Players to Miss Training

Racing Preseason Begins June 26: Key Players to Miss Training

Racing’s preseason will begin on June 26. That day, in the afternoon, the players will return to the club with their heads fully focused on the second part of the year. The Professional League and the Copa Sudamericana are the two objectives that remain ahead. And despite the blow with Lanús that made the first semester end in the worst way, the hope of going for everything in the remainder of 2024 is there. Although Gustavo Costas knows that there is much to modify and correct. That is why this time of rest and preparation will be very important. Two weeks of vacation and three of conditioning.

But when the Academy staff will see each other again, there will be three important casualties. And with the clear chance that in the next few weeks they will end up becoming four players. All of them starters and very decisive for the coach. The four will miss the physical conditioning and the preparation part and there are two of them who have a great chance of missing the first part of the resumption of the competitions and there are even serious doubts that they can be in the first leg of the round of 16. final of the South American Cup.

It is clear that for Gustavo Costas not being able to count on them in the Racing preseason is bad news. Something that also happened in January and that ended up being felt at the start of the year. Added to that they came back injured and lost more games than expected. We are talking about players with a selection destination. They are Gabriel Arias, Juanfer Quintero, Marco Di Césare and Juan Ignacio Nardoni.

Why do these players miss the Racing preseason?

Gabriel Arias and Juanfer Quintero are going to play in the Copa América. There is a good chance that both Chile and Colombia will advance to the quarterfinals of this competition. And this means that the two cannot be in the preseason in Paraguay, which will be the first week after returning from vacation. This added to the fact that we will have to see how they return since they will not have the rest that their teammates did. The quarterfinals are played the first week of July so, in case these two teams advance in their group (something very likely), they would only return to Avellaneda on July 10. That is if they don’t advance to Semi. If this happens it will only be after 7/15 and there is already a risk that they will miss some date of the Professional League. Racing’s preseason and significant absences

The situation of Di Césare and Nardoni is similar. The defender is in the Olympic Games and in fact everything indicates that he will start. The midfielder, on the other hand, still has no certainty that he will be called up although he is seriously fighting for a place. The men’s football competition in Paris begins on July 24 but they will travel a few weeks before to get ready. And then it will depend on how far they go. If they play the final, it will be on August 9 and that leaves them out of the head-to-head matches for the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana. Or at least the first leg which will be the week of the 13th. They would be sensitive casualties thinking about the Academy squad and it was demonstrated with Lanús that none of the four were there…

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