Promotion Tour of European Sports Region Concludes in Toledo After Visiting Thousands

Promotion Tour of European Sports Region Concludes in Toledo After Visiting Thousands

The Promotion Tour of the European Sports Region has ended its journey in Toledo this week, after having visited the other four provincial capitals of the region, as well as Talavera de la Reina and Puertollano, with the participation of more than 8,000 people.

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The last stop of the Promotion Tour of Castilla-La Mancha as a European Sports Region 2024, which took place in the Town Hall Square, was attended by the second vice president of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, José Manuel Caballero, and the councilor of the Tagus River, Environment and Sports of the Toledo City Council, Rubén Lozano.

Caballero explained that the regional government estimates that more than 8,000 people have gone through this Promotion Tour, in which they have encouraged the practice of outdoor sports, especially among young people, in order to avoid early abandonment of sports practice. .

The Promotion Tour has included soccer tennis, 3×3 wheelchair basketball, 3×3 basketball, volleyball, badminton, BMX, Zumba, golf, American football and cycling.

The second vice president of the regional Executive explained that the purpose of this initiative was to show that sports can be practiced in all areas, in all places and in all spaces.

Also “that sport is an integral part of our life, related to health and ‘social health’, promoting positive values ​​such as respect, fair play, trying to improve, progress and surpass oneself, but always doing so to a high degree.” of respect for others,” he added.

In this sense, he highlighted: “Healthy sports practice is a good example for the rest of human activities and especially also those that have to do with the different professions and in particular, with what I represent, which is politics. “.

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