Price of chayote doubles at the start of June – El Sol de México

Price of chayote doubles at the start of June – El Sol de México

The rise in prices of fruits and vegetables in the country is already claiming its second victim. Until a few weeks ago it was cilantro, but now it is the turn of chayote which, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), became more expensive than 100 percent annually during the first half of June.

In markets in Mexico City, a kilogram of chayote was sold between 18 and 20 pesos in January, but currently it is sold for 35 to more than 40 pesos. If the product is purchased by the box, the cost exceeds 600 pesos, when at the beginning of the year it was around 350 pesos each. This product was one of the most affected among fruits and vegetables, which together rose 17.28 percent annually in the first 15 days of June. According to Inegi, these articles had a 0.8 percentage point impact on inflation during this period, which was 4.78 percent.

The price of these goods has been affected since the beginning of the year, as a result of the droughts and high temperatures in the country. In addition, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, an increase in the price of grains and other raw materials was also reported.

The country’s general inflation stood at 4.78 percent annually in the first fifteen days of June, indicated the Inegi

“The results negatively surprised the market, since a rebound of this magnitude in inflation was not anticipated and this prolongs the convergence towards the Bank of Mexico’s target range of three percent,” according to analysts at Grupo Financiero Monex.

For specialists, the problem with the rise in prices of these goods is that the effect can be transferred to the final consumer, as in the case of cilantro, which, due to its higher costs, is no longer included in taco shops or market vendors. and tianguis no longer sell it in small quantities.

Regarding this, the National Information and Market Integration System of the Ministry of Economy (SE) reports that today a five-kilo bunch of cilantro sells for more than 500 pesos.

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At the beginning of the year, the cost of this product per bunch, characteristic of tacos or sauces, was 19 or 50 pesos. Between January and February, the highest price reported was 140 pesos.

In the first half of June, annual general inflation in the country was 4.78 percent, a level above the estimate of analysts consulted by Citibanamex, who expected 4.71 percent. For the entire month as a whole, this indicator is expected to be 4.75 percent.

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