Pole’s drama! Three years ago he won a medal in Tokyo. Now he’s not going to the Olympics

Pole’s drama!  Three years ago he won a medal in Tokyo.  Now he’s not going to the Olympics

The recently concluded European Athletics Championships in Rome confirmed that Poles will also be among the favorites at the Olympics. Medal chances include: Anita Włodarczyk, Natalia Kaczmarek and Wojciech Nowicki. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of bad news. For example, Sofia Ennaoui, who is struggling with an injury, will not go to Paris. She was joined by Patryk Dobek, a medalist from Tokyo.

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Patryk Dobek is not going to the Olympic Games. Drama

On Monday, the runner published an entry on social media in which he shared the disastrous news with fans. “Dear fans, I have news for you regarding my sports condition. I did everything I could during the last period of the Olympics, but my health condition will not allow me to perform the Olympic minimum. Therefore, I will not have a chance to defend the title of bronze medalist of the Summer Olympic Games,” we read.

“Injuries teach humility and are an integral part of professional sports, but you should not give up – you have to keep going,” added the 30-year-old.

The runner decided to immediately put an end to speculations about the possible end of his career. “I also want to inform you that I am not giving up and I intend to prepare for the next seasons,” he said.

Patryk Dobek is not only the bronze medalist at the last Olympics in the 800-meter run, but also the 2021 European indoor champion at the same distance. Previously, he also ran the 400 meters.

The Olympic Games in Paris will start on July 27. The end is scheduled for August 11. Live coverage on Sport.pl and in our Sport.pl LIVE mobile application.

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