Planning Ahead: Judo Club Pre-Registrations for the 2024 Season

Yes, next season is already being prepared… but don’t panic, new registrations will not be made until September 2024... You have the summer holidays to consider your choice of practicing judo within our club at the start of the school year.

Thus, at the beginning of September, an office will be held at the Bidasoa gymnasium (ddate and times to be confirmed). That day, we will be there to provide you with information and do pre-registrations.
New licensees will have the opportunity to practice 2 trial lessons before validating their registration (1 trial lesson for baby judo who participated in the open days in June).
For license renewals, this will also be an opportunity to bring us your file if this was not done during the summer.

You can already create or renew your license on the France judo website France Judo: French Federation of Judo and Associated Disciplines (
This does not bind you: the license will only be validated by the club upon receipt of your duly completed information sheet and accompanied by the regulations.

Do not hesitate to come back to our site regularly to confirm the day of operation and the resumption dates.

2024-06-21 21:48:52


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