Pickleball: The New Trend in Racket Sports

Pickleball: The New Trend in Racket Sports

Easy to learn, extremely fun, fast paced, potentially long rallies. It is not Padel but another sport that promises to soon become very popular. We’re talking about Pickleball, a discipline destined to become a must among racket lovers, a sort of ‘slow motion tennis’, as enthusiasts define it. The new generations have already embraced it and the American phenomenon has soon taken root in Italy too and obviously in the Salerno area. In this regard, the first provincial stage called “Go to Turin” took place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June, which allows you to aspire to participate in the national finals. It was organized by TC Pontecagnano in the person of the Technician Piero Stabile assisted by the local promoter Michele Romano. Around 60 players divided into various categories participated in the competition.

Mirko Bovi from Battipaglia won both the men’s singles and the mixed doubles. “The FITP is promoting this discipline a lot throughout the national territory – declared the trustee Piero Stabile – and given the first positive results we are ready to replicate in the month of July”. The rules are similar to tennis but differ in terms of ball, racket and court. The latter measures 13.41 meters long and 5.60 meters wide for the singles tournament and 6.100 meters for the doubles. A mix between Ping-Pong and Badminton adapted to Tennis. Same fate for rackets which are smaller and flatter; the rectangular shape replaces the oval tennis one and the shorter grip brings it closer to the Padel one. If the size of the ball is the same as its sister sports, the weight is not.

The net is 36 inches (91 cm) tall. The racket (more correctly called paddle) has a solid plate while the very light ball is made of plastic weighing 21-29 g and measuring 7.3-7.62 cm in diameter. therefore to avoid being a victim of the wind, especially in outdoor play, it has holes on the surface. There are two forms of play: individual and double. The match is usually won by whoever scores 11 points, playing a single set or the best of 3 sets, depending on the tournament regulations, distancing the opponents by two points, so in a tied situation at 10-10 the game continues to the bitter end. In some tournaments the “decisive point” is in force, therefore without extension to the advantages.

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