Pat McAfee Predicts a Romantic Twist: Taylor Swift’s Relationship with Travis Kelce

Pat McAfee Predicts a Romantic Twist: Taylor Swift’s Relationship with Travis Kelce

It’s a new era in sports television. One in which a former punter NFL, Pat McAfeeis one of the most important names in ESPNand conversations about Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce They dominate the screen.

This includes Swift’s late-night social media behavior that caught McAfee completely off guard and led him to make a bold proclamation about her relationship with the Los Angeles tight end. Kansas City Chiefs.

Taylor Swift’s late-night social media behavior surprised Pat McAfee and Travis Kelce

Chiefs receive Super Bowl rings, Swift joins

“Taylor, congratulations on your first Super Bowl,” McAfee said during a monologue about the NBA’s ring ceremony. Chiefs which took place on Thursday night.

He emphasized that Swift was “part of all of this” as the Chiefs made the storybook trip to Super Bowl LVIII behind the star quarterback Patrick Mahomeswith Swift appearing in many games to cheer Kelce up.

Taylor Swift makes headlines for late-night IG activity

But what surprised McAfee most about the ceremony was what Taylor did on social media in the meantime. Even in the British stage of his International Eras TourSwift finished a show in Liverpool with a 6-hour time difference and then took to Instagram to celebrate.

She put up an avalanche of comments on an Instagram live stream of the Super Bowl ring ceremony, hosted by Mecole Hardman’s partner, Chariah Gordon.

Pat McAfee predicts the end of Swift and Kelce’s relationship

The controversial presenter of ESPNdefamed last week for calling Caitlin Clark “white bitch,” seems to be shipping the Chiefs power couple and predicting a happy ending.

He talked profusely about how happy he seems Travis Kelce and Taylor’s genuine interest in the team’s success.

“When you talk about two great lovers, it’s great for society,” McAfee said wistfully. “If we listen to more high school songs about love and happiness, that’s good for the world!”

His co-hosts chimed in, taking the ring conversation a step further: “What if Trav’s ring says ‘Will you marry me?’ inside and the Chiefs set it up that way and he’s going to propose to her with the ring.”

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