Pallacanestro Trieste Makes History in A2 Play-off Final: Dreaming of Victory

Pallacanestro Trieste Makes History in A2 Play-off Final: Dreaming of Victory

TRIESTE One hundred and fifty in Desio. The others at the PalaTrieste in front of the giant screen. A match 2, the one between Cantù and Pallacanestro Trieste, provides strong emotions and could open up splendid prospects for the red and whites. Tap-off on Thursday 6 June at 9pm, again in Lombardy, live on Rai Sport and this time PallTrieste has decided that an opportunity like this deserves to be shared: doors open at the Valmaura palas starting from 8.15pmfree entry, you will still be given an entry ticket for a prize draw midway through the game.

A2 Play-off Final, Pallacanestro Trieste is queen away: they win over Cantù and dream of Roberto Degrassi 04 June 2024

The red and white fever, moreover, is rising and a ticket for race 3 has become rarer and more unobtainable than a pink Gronchi. In the event of a victory, Thursday’s match will definitely channel the final series: the calendar would offer Trieste two possible chances to close the score. Even in the event of a knockout, however, the team Jamion Christian will be able to count on two rounds in front of 6 thousand fans, with enthralling enthusiasm.

He matches

But in the meantime, let’s think about race 2. Considerable psychological pressure on the shoulders of the Brianza quintet, Trieste who must try to revive the tactical theme already well developed in game 2 of the quarterfinals and semi-finals: starting decisively, without allowing the opponents to feed themselves with competitive energy with an initial break. The longer Trieste stays in the game, the more tension will grow in the Cantù area. Are the red and whites capable of doing it? Yes, they just proved it. They have won five away matches in a row (six if we add Rieti, the epilogue of the clock phase) and have two players who are making the play-offs with their talent and ability to read game situations. Michele Ruzzier and Ariel Filloy. No other team has two “little ones” with the same tactical sense and ability to quickly identify solutions on the pitch.

Unknown to Candus

Seeing Francesco Candussi limping out made the coaching staff and fans worried. The big man suffered a blow to his knee, falling with an opponent in an action which also saw him punished with his fourth foul. The first results are encouraging, it would not be anything serious but only today will a decision be made on how to behave.

Traditionally the red and white club always chooses the path of prudence and had also demonstrated this in game 3 in Valmaura against Forlì, leaving Reyes out as a precaution. Speaking of the Puerto Rican, seeing him move always gives the impression that he is far from being in top athletic condition and yet the other evening he improved at distance and if he wasn’t explosive under the boards he was still able to scratch, even finding a couple of winning solutions in post.

A cohesive group

The confirmation that everyone in the group is available to do exclusively what is needed for the collective result, no one thinks about personal statistics or about being the man of providence. A cohesive group in which Menalo, the latest to join, also seems to have been absorbed, and in which Luca Campogrande also plays an important role, forced to watch his teammates because the rules do not allow a rotation of more than 10 seniors. Before the match each player goes to receive the encouragement of the Roman winger. An image of harmony, like seeing Stefano Bossi hug his friend Francesco Candussi for a long time before he enters the starting five. Trifles, you might say. The strength of a group is also made up of trifles like this. And if a group is solid it is also easier for them to win. The red and white tale is telling it. —


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