Paige Lorenze Steals Spotlight from Tommy Paul with Inappropriate Behavior at Queens Tournament

Paige Lorenze Steals Spotlight from Tommy Paul with Inappropriate Behavior at Queens Tournament

American tennis player Tommy Paul won the tournament in Queens on Sunday. It was his third ATP title, the first of which was on grass. At number 12 in the world rankings, he is now the highest-ranked American. So far, so good.

However, his girlfriend’s inappropriate behavior caused more of a stir than Paul’s final victory against the Italian Lorenzo Musetti.

Paige Lorenze steals the show from Tommy Paul in Queens

Paige Lorenze, an influencer with 630,000 followers on Instagram, accompanied her boyfriend onto the court for the trophy presentation. She wanted to be in the official winner’s photo with her boyfriend Paul and the trophy – a rather unusual occurrence in tennis.

A video of Lorenze repeatedly grabbing her boyfriend by the neck during the ceremony while he was posing for the cameras went viral. It now has over twelve million views on the tennis TV channel (as of Tuesday, 4 p.m.). You can watch the video here:

Many social media users responded with ridicule and nasty accusations directed at the influencer. One user wrote: “She’s lugging the trophy like she won it,” followed by three laughing and crying emojis. Another commented: “That’s not love.” Another angry fan added: “All she wants is to be in the spotlight, by any means necessary.”

Many fans were particularly annoyed by Lorenze giving instructions to the photographers during the victory ceremony. Another comment read: “This is all so sickening.” Another fan added: “Since when are girlfriends on the court, especially on such a prestigious historical stage as Queens? Tennis is becoming a reality TV show.”

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In addition to the critical posts, there were also positive comments for the couple. In Insta stories that Lorenze reposted on her account, they were referred to as “tennis royals” or “dream couple”. Tommy Paul himself posted pictures of his triumph in Queens and wrote: “What a week! I’m proud to share this trophy with the best team in the world.”

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