Oviedo will play in the final of promotion to First Division after surprising an Eibar without a hit | Soccer | Sports

Oviedo will play in the final of promotion to First Division after surprising an Eibar without a hit |  Soccer |  Sports


Surprise in Ipurua, or not so much, because Eibar has already lost in the last three promotion phases after being one step away from going up to First Division. The Eibar fans, who have seen in the last three seasons how the direct push to the top category was eluded by small details, resign themselves once again to the fate of the promotion phase. This time it was their turn in the semi-final, against an Oviedo team that started as a victim and for whom a draw was not enough, since they had to win at home. 15 days ago they conceded four goals in the last League game on the same stage; This time he did not concede and scored two to look for the last available place, again in a double match, with Espanyol, who has the advantage (0-1) or against his eternal rival, Sporting.


Luca Zidane, Juan Berrocal, Cristian Gutiérrez, Arbilla, Tejero (Yacine Qasmi, min. 80), José Corpas (Konrad De la Fuente, min. 62), Mario Soriano, Peru Nolaskoain (Sergio Álvarez, min. 71), Matheus Pereira , Aketxe (Sergio León, min. 71) and Stoichkov


Leo Román, Pomares (Abel Bretones, min. 51), Oier Luengo, Viti, Dani Calvo, Luismi, Sebas (Jonathan Dubasin, min. 85), Santiago Colombatto, Borja Sanchez (Paulino De la Fuente, min. 51), Jaime Seoane (Santiago Homenchenko, min. 85) and Alexandre Alemão (Borja Bastón, min. 76)

Sips 0-1 min. 58: Alexandre Alemão. 0-2 min. 78: Sebas.

Referee Iosu Galech Apezteguía

Yellow cards Jaime Seoane (min. 30), Aketxe (min. 58), Yacine Qasmi (min. 81), Abel Bretones (min. 87) and Matheus Pereira (min. 91)

The first half began dynamically, with Eibar playing quickly with the first touch, as if eager to resolve quickly, although the tie earned the Gipuzkoans a place in the final. Oviedo waited patiently in those first minutes, perhaps too passive for what they needed, but there was still a long way to go to burn all the ships. So maybe it was about holding on to the initial push.

That attitude, however, meant that Eibar could get dangerously close to Leo Román’s area. First it was Stoichkov who received a deep ball, although he lost his footing at the last moment and the shot went too centered. A few minutes later, the Oviedo goalkeeper responded with solvency to Corpas’ shot, hitting the post, after a team effort by the Eibar team.

However, the Barça momentum waned as the minutes passed and Oviedo continued with its plan in which patience continued to play an important role. The Asturians stretched and reached a little further into the local defensive zone, although the attempts came to nothing.

The panorama did not change much at the beginning of the second half. Oviedo hid its anxiety and tried to pass it on to Eibar, who had their best option in a free kick on the edge of the area, which their specialist Aketxe placed next to the post but Leo Román made the right attempt.

From there Eibar was left dry, crashing into the wall presented by its rival. Furthermore, at 58 minutes, in a very far cross from Bretones, very well played, Alemao went ahead of Arbilla to finish with a header and put his team ahead for the first time in the tie. The goal reinforced the Asturian team’s game plan, which defended itself without too many problems, although Eibar had a chance, almost the last, in a shot by Soriano that went just wide.

It was the beginning of the end for gunsmiths. The happy football of the first half was diluted in the final half; The second actions cost him more, and Leo Román’s goal was very far away, so when in the 78th minute, a lack of attention from Arbilla was taken advantage of by Borja Bastón to cross into the area, where Moyano entered through the central lane to achieve The second, the world fell apart for Eibar, who only managed to wander around the field like a knocked out boxer until the referee decided to cut things short and signaled the end.

It was the apotheosis for the 500 blue fans who traveled to the Gipuzkoa town and who entrust themselves to their team’s second chance in the final. They probably prefer Sporting, but for it to happen, the red and whites would have to get a big upset in the field of Espanyol, who will try not to give up.

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