Outraged President of FCF Denounces False Claims about Referees Separation

Outraged President of FCF Denounces False Claims about Referees Separation

Got mad. Ramon Jesurun Franco He raised the tone of his voice and described “vile scoundrel” the version that ensures that 15 referees were separated from the arbitration panel of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF).

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“The first thing I want to tell you is that the news that came out on the subject of betting is a vile scoundrel, and I say it with a capital letter, vile scoundrel, whoever wrote that is a completely irresponsible person who is subject even to libel lawsuits, for a liar and for a scoundrel. The one who did it. I don’t know who it was,” said Jesurun in dialogue with Fabio Poveda RuizBlu Radio journalist.

The president of the FCF was outraged by the statement that mixed the departure of the judges with betting issues.

“The referees come out within the discretion that the Arbitration Commission Deciding which arbitrators remain or do not remain on the arbitration panel, that is an eminently discretionary issue. There is an issue of very old age of some referees, there are some within the technical concept that those of the Arbitration Commission do not consider to follow, but what they said about betting is a total irresponsibility of the person who said it. How unfortunate that in our country we have human beings as perverse as those who made that statement,” Jesurun shot.

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“There is absolutely nothing here other than reiterating what I am telling you, a discretion for technical and age aspects. The other is a vile and total lie,” she added.

The visible head of FCF Executive Committee It showed itself proud of Colombian refereeing and defended the work of Ímer Machado at the head of the Arbitration Commission.

“Last year the final of the Pre-Olympic Tournament, such an important tournament, was made by a Colombian shortlist, the final of the Liberators cup It was made by a Colombian shortlist. I wonder, if we are so bad, why does she Conmebolwhich is such a serious, universal entity, is going to place us Colombian referees at the most important levels that the south american competitions? The refereeing is good, what happens is that here everyone breathes, speaks and takes responsibility because there are a number of irresponsible people, a number of gentlemen who serve, who were frustrated ex-referees or I don’t know what, and who live speaking badly and badly, bad and bad, and bad, and it turns out that internationally they recognize us as a good, acceptable referee, let’s say acceptable, well, with that I feel satisfied,” commented the Barranquilla leader energetically.

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Ramón Jesurun delivered his statements in Houstonafter the victory of the Colombian team 2-1 against Paraguay, in the Copa América.

“We are working with training, with instruction, with modernization, and we are doing well. If you don’t like it, keep shouting, keep saying what you want, but we are internationally recognized, That shows that arbitration is not as bad as these irresponsible people want to accuse us of.”Jesurun pointed out.

The version that the referees were fired for being related to the betting mafia was launched on the social network X by former referee José Borda.

The Referees Commission removed 15 judges from the panel, including centre-backs, assistants, VAR and AVAR’S. To save his position, Machado “sold” some of his protégés. “It is the largest sweep of referees in the last 32 years,” wrote Borda, who now works as a referee analyst in the media.

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