Olot confirms that Pedro Dólera will be the coach

Olot confirms that Pedro Dólera will be the coach

He kept his promise to go up to Puigsacalm if Olot went up to Segona RFEF, and now he will have to prepare to go up to Comanegra. Pedro Dólera will finally fulfill his contract year with Olot and will continue to lead the Garrotxí team in the season of debut in Second RFEF. This was confirmed this afternoon by the club through a short statement in which it is explained that the Barcelona coach will remain at the head of the bench, once the automatic renewal that he had in case of achieving the desired goal.

“Another year with the conductor of the brand new Third Federation league champion. Dólera knows the category and Catalan football well and transmits passion and competitive DNA with contrasting results. Ready for part two, mister? Together, with a pick and shovel towards the Second RFEF», says the note. Dólera will extend, in this way, his first experience outside of Barcelona, ​​after training two other historic ones such as Europa and El Prat.

With the continuity of the coach confirmed, the sports management will now focus on the squad. At the moment, there have been the arrivals of David López and Robert Costa and the departures of Batalla, Ufano, Perone, Marco Gil, Eric Mourin and Blázquez.

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