Offseason Showdown: Lakers and Mavericks Battle for Coaching Talent

Offseason Showdown: Lakers and Mavericks Battle for Coaching Talent

By Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

Each offseason serves as a scene of struggles between top-franchises for a profile that is highly appreciated across the league. The 2024 edition should also be no exception, since the Lakers and the Mavericks are already waging a war like this.

While some have just seen their season end on the verge of the title, others can calmly reflect on the management of their summer for weeks. That said, whether it’s the Mavericks or the Lakers, both franchises will look to strengthen their roster during the offseason in order to compete for the Larry O’Brien Trophy next year. An arms race that will even go well beyond simple rosters.

The Lakers rejected by Dallas for one of their targets?

As soon as their elimination from the playoffs was confirmed, the Lakers decided to part ways with Darvin Ham and a good part of his staff. A whole bench will therefore have to be rebuilt in Los Angeles following the recent appointment of JJ Redick as head coach. Several names have already been checked by the Angelino front office in this regard, some of which were revealed by Shams Charania:

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According to Shams Charania, the list of candidates to join JJ Redick’s staff at the Lakers as assistants includes Rajon Rondo (former Laker), Scott Brooks (former head coach of the Thunder and Wizards), Sam Cassell (assistant coach of the Celtics) and Jared Dudley (former Laker).

In addition to the presence in this selection of Rajon Rondo, another former member of the team could therefore find a role there, namely Jared Dudley.

Crowned champion with the Purple & Gold in 2020, Dudley joined Dallas a year later to become an assistant coach. His departure had particularly annoyed LeBron James given their proximity. However, if the King wishes to reunite with his ex-teammate, his leaders will have to be very convincing. Indeed, according to Marc Stein, the Mavs are not likely to give them any gifts:

Marc Stein : League sources indicate that Dallas has no intention of letting go of Jared Dudley, who holds a key role on Jason Kidd’s staff. However, it has been a long time, as mentioned by me on May 27, that the Lakers have wanted to attract Dudley to JJ Redick’s staff.

The standoff is therefore launched.

Three years after his departure for Dallas, could Jared Dudley find a place with the Lakers this summer? In any case, this is what the latter are hoping for, who will however have to work hard to extricate him from the sharp claws of the Mavericks.

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