Nine Outstanding Athletes from Guanajuato to Represent Mexico in Paris 2024 Olympics

Nine Outstanding Athletes from Guanajuato to Represent Mexico in Paris 2024 Olympics

Guanajuato will be well represented in the next Olympic Games, Paris 2024, with an outstanding group of nine athletes who have demonstrated their talent and dedication in various sporting disciplines.


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Laura Esther Galván Rodríguez, a renowned runner, will compete in athletics. Galván has stood out in national and international competitions, winning medals and establishing records in middle distance distancesconsolidating itself as one of the best in its category.


Lizeth Rueda Santos, who will participate in triathlon, has demonstrated his versatility and resilience in multiple competitions. Rueda has won numerous competitions and has been a prominent figure in Mexican triathlon, standing out for his tenacity and skills in swimming, cycling and running.


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Mathias Grande Kalionchiz will represent Guanajuato in archery. Grande has been a formidable contender in international tournaments, earning several national championships. His precision and concentration have led him to be one of the best archers in the country.

Mountain biking

In mountain biking, Erika Monserrat Rodriguez Suarez and Adair Zabdiel Gutierrez Prieto They have shown exceptional abilities. Both have won key competitions and set recordss in their respective categories, standing out on the national and international mountain biking scene.


Ricardo Ortiz Rivera will compete in athletics, specifically walking. Ortiz has demonstrated his perseverance and technique in this discipline, achieving recognition both nationally and internationally. His dedication and effort have positioned him as a outstanding athlete in his specialty.


Prisca Guadalupe Awiti Alcara and Paulina Lizbeth Martínez Of course, both in judo have obtained medals in continental competitions. Awiti and Martínez have shown great skill and skill, representing Mexico in several international competitions and establishing themselves as strong contenders in their categories.


Andrea Palafox, women’s rifle specialist, has demonstrated exceptional precision and control. Palafox has won multiple national championships and set several records, becoming one of the best shooters in the country.


At the Paralympic Games, Fabiola Ramírez Martínez, Ángel de Jesús Camacho Ramírez and Jesús Alberto Gutiérrez Bermúdez will represent Guanajuato in para-swimming. Exemplary athletes who have overcome numerous personal and sporting challenges, demonstrating great dedication and competitive spirit, they have even obtained numerous achievements in international competitions, standing out for their effort and improvement.

They were recently flagged by Governor Diego Sinhué in a ceremony in which their efforts and the work carried out by their coaches were recognized, wishing them to achieve Olympic glory and a worthy representation of Mexico in Paris 2024.

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