Nicolo Melli Discusses Departure from Milan and Future Plans

Nicolo Melli Discusses Departure from Milan and Future Plans

Nicolo Melli, who continues his preparations for the Olympic Qualifications with the Italian National Team, spoke to Corriere della Sera and said that his conversation with Messina about leaving Milan lasted 45 seconds.

“I am not the first and I am not the last player in this world who is preparing to change teams. So where will my next stop be? I’ve read a lot of allegations against me. Partizan, Fenerbahçe, Real Madrid… The names of many teams have come up, we will see. Right now I am concentrating on the Italian National Team.

I wasn’t actually thinking of leaving Milan this summer, but I respect the club’s decision. I would have liked to stay, but in such cases, both parties must be willing, unfortunately this was not the case. I’ve seen people say that I left Milan voluntarily, which made me a little sad because that’s not the truth. After the Italian League championship, we talked to coach Ettore Messina and talked about the club’s offer of a contract extension to me in April. While the season was going on, the only club that sent me an official offer was Milan. I played for this club for 7-8 years, I think it has value. I think my conversation with Coach Messina was positive, but he called me two days later and the conversation between us only lasted 45 seconds. He told me that ‘the club has decided to part ways’. Nobody explained to me the reason for this decision. So, am I surprised? No, after all, this is part of the basketball world. “Something like this would only be surprising to someone who doesn’t know how things work in basketball.”

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