Nico de las Heras, after finishing second in the World Championship: “It has been an incredible feeling”

Nico de las Heras, after finishing second in the World Championship: “It has been an incredible feeling”

“The feeling has been incredible.” Still exhausted from the physical beating to which he has been subjected, Nico de las Heras is already back in Asturias. He did it last night, when his plane landed late at night at the Asturias Airport. The Atlética Avilesina ultra-distance runner could not hide his happiness. It is no wonder, because this Sunday he took second place in the general classification at the World Cup held in Hungary, in addition to taking first place in his category.

All this makes him the absolute Spanish record holder for the distance and world record holder in his category. “Tomorrow (today) at nine I will return to work in my pharmacy in Grado, but at noon it will be a nap,” jokes the athlete, who completed 441 kilometers in 48 hours.

“The key has been sleep and effort management,” acknowledges De las Heras, who made the decision not to sleep during the two days of the test. “I only had 20 minutes in which I closed my eyes, because I didn’t want to lie down and take advantage. My plan didn’t go badly,” says the ultra-distance runner, who acknowledges that the lack of sleep makes him feel a bit dizzy. Although he has now finished the competition, he still has not been able to refill the gas tank. “I tried to take a good nap, because at night, being so tired, I slept poorly, only six hours. My body was still active,” he says.

Nico de las Heras had already competed in one-day races, but for this competition he had to adapt to be able to perform at his best. “The most convenient thing is to measure your effort, making small stops, because if you do it frequently you end up collapsing. It is important to know when you have to stop,” explains the man from Aviles who, despite traveling more than four hundred kilometers, confesses that he is not excessively tired on a physical level. “What has hurt me the most has been my voice because it rained during the race, so I ended up hoarse. That even affected me at lunch time,” reveals the ultra-distance runner, who acknowledges that, in the last few hours, , had to push hard to be able to beat the record in his category, something that ended up affecting him, although he assures that “I didn’t get to push my body to the extreme.”

“I don’t regret signing up at all, it’s an incredible feeling. It’s been a sensational experience,” says De Las Heras, who, for the moment, is not going to repeat a competition like this “because the physical and mental effort has been very hard.” “. Now, close to turning 60 and after receiving a warm welcome upon arriving in Asturias, today he will return to his job at Grado to serve his clients. “I’ll be there at nine, there won’t be any problems with tiredness or sleep,” she jokes. On his mind will be putting his sneakers back on as soon as he takes a good nap.

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