Neymar Open to Possibility of Playing for Flamengo in 2025: A Closer Look at the Potential Move

Neymar Open to Possibility of Playing for Flamengo in 2025: A Closer Look at the Potential Move

Last Friday (14), information from journalist Diogo Dantas, in his column in the newspaper The globe, points out that Neymar opened up the possibility of playing for Flamengo. The idea would be for him to arrive in 2025, as his current contract with Al-Hilal ends in June.

Even out of prudence, the vice-president of football, Marcos Braz, quickly tried to put an end to any expectations in the short term. Something that even becomes convenient for the matter to be dealt with behind the scenes with as little fuss as possible.

“To make it clear: there are no conversations with Neymar. We are not here to deceive the fans or anyone else. Make it clear: there is no conversation with Neymar, no possibility. I don’t see that even in the short term. But he came here, wore the Flamengo shirt. We will always have affection and gratitude”, guaranteed the Flamengo leader.

Thinking about money, never

It is obvious that, financially speaking, the Rio club or any Brazilian team cannot compete with the Arab world in terms of salaries. We are talking about a player who earns, annually, 160 million euros (R$ 917.7 million, at current prices). In other words, completely outside of our reality. Furthermore, second-tier clubs in Europe also undeniably have an advantage in terms of the technical challenge.

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However, the mere fact of leaving the European environment and entering the Saudi football project shows that Neymar is open to less conventional moves. This point greatly favors Flamengo in a possible convincing process. Even more so due to the fact that structure, appeal and organization of finances are other sectors where Rubro-Negro naturally presents itself as a good choice for any athlete without so much market at the top of the Old Continent.

Another natural candidate for a supposed return to Brazil, Santos is going through a completely different moment than representing Rio de Janeiro. The priority at Alvinegro is to return to the national football elite and consolidate the club in the most different areas before having real conditions for such a movement. Neymar’s passion for the club counts, but it doesn’t feed back.

Here, there is no privileged information to be able (or even reckless) to say that he will play for Flamengo. However, if the analysis is careful, it sounds less absurd than it might seem.

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