New Rimini Set to Host Padova in Crucial Home Match

New Rimini Set to Host Padova in Crucial Home Match

Home round for New Rimini who, after two away matches in Rovigo and Ronchi dei Legionari, will host Padova on Saturday (22 June) at the municipal stadium in via Monaco. It is the penultimate match of the first phase, which will end next week in Cagliari. Race 1 is scheduled for 3pm and race 2 for 8pm, both live on the New Rimini YouTube channel. Entrance to the stadium is free.

The formula provides that the first in the final ranking will qualify for the next phase of the play-offs, while all the others will make up the three groups of the relegation pool, with a one-way match which at the end will identify the two teams that they will be relegated to Serie B. With two rounds to go, Rovigo leads (11-5) with two games ahead of Crocetta (9-7) with the direct clash on the last day in Parma. Cagliari follows (8-8).

Padova has just returned from the home draw with league leaders Rovigo and is in last place in the standings (6-10) just one victory away from the Rimini team (7-8) who are awaiting the decisions of the FIBS regarding the match not played in Ronchi dei Legionari due to the electric black. In the first leg New Rimini won both matches in Veneto (6-2 and 3-1).

“We come from three stops in still balanced races – says New Rimini’s manager, Dorian Castro – We know we are competing in a competitive group and we want to raise the level, playing to win and trying to be consistent and balanced in attack and defence. We made mental mistakes, but I know my team and we will be able to correct and make adjustments.

The team has the mentality to understand what is being done well or badly, and is willing to change to improve. The boys took these defeats with the utmost determination and exploited the positive aspects to move forward. Against Padova there will be two more good matches in which we will have to be concentrated and give our best to obtain the best possible results.”

The stakes are therefore important because it is probable that the composition of the three play-out groups will take into consideration the ranking positions of the first phase, so keeping a distance from Ronchi dei Legionari (6-9) and Padova is important. The relegation round will start after a two-week break from the end of the first phase.

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