New Coaching Era Begins in the Admiral Bundesliga: A Look at Preparations for the Upcoming Season

New Coaching Era Begins in the Admiral Bundesliga: A Look at Preparations for the Upcoming Season

A third of the Admiral Bundesliga is putting its faith in something new on the command bridge. With Salzburg’s Pepijn Lijnders, Philipp Semlic at WSG Tirol and Austria coach Stephan Helm, three new head coaches are about to make their debut in the top division. In addition, there is WAC returnee Dietmar Kühbauer. At promoted team GAK, Gernot Messner is another man at the helm, who will make his Bundesliga debut at the beginning of August. Until then, there are some strenuous weeks ahead.

The starting signal is in the west, where Altach’s Joachim Standfest will begin his second summer preparation as head coach on Monday. Altach has made some improvements so far. Lukas Fridrikas, a striker from Lustenau, has moved to the neighborhood, and U19 team defender Filip Milojevic has joined from Leverkusen. U21 team player Paul Koller is reportedly about to move. Blau-Weiß Linz, WSG Tirol and LASK, with Thomas Darazs promoted from interim to head coach, will also begin their summer preparation next week.

GEPA/FC Red Bull Salzburg Pepijn Lijnders (middle) is one of three new coaches in the Bundesliga

Sturm starts without regular midfield

The champions Sturm Graz are also starting preparations to defend their title. The champions have made improvements and are already looking ahead. Sturm recently signed left-back Emir Karic, who has proven himself in the German Bundesliga, as David Schnegg is said to be about to move to the USA. The 18-year-old talent Martin Kern, who has been given great advance praise, came from Hungary. Sporting director Andreas Schicker also declared the permanent acquisition of Mika Biereth to be the number one issue. The Danish striker is to be lured away from Arsenal.

Unsurprisingly, Christian Ilzer will have to do without some international players at the first training session in Messendorf. In addition to ÖFB team player Alexander Prass, the two Slovenians Jon Gorenc Stankovic and Tomi Horvat will also be at the European Championships in Germany. Otar Kiteishvili will also be playing for Georgia at the European Championship finals. This means that the Graz team will be missing their entire regular midfield formation, at least for the start of training.

GEPA/Mario Buehner After ten consecutive wins against Salzburg, Sturm Graz will enter the coming season as defending champions

Sturm’s city rival and newly promoted GAK will kick off on June 24th in Weinzödl. Coach Messner hoped to have the majority of the squad available. So far, only Dominik Frieser is on the list of new arrivals. The Graz team will have a short training camp right at the start, before a few days at the camp in Loipersdorf in eastern Styria are scheduled for July.

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Overview of club preparation

Salzburg Coach Lijnders im Fokus

Salzburg and Rapid will first complete performance tests lasting several days before returning to the pitch. The focus will be on Jürgen Klopp’s former assistant, Lijnders, who wants and should be back at the top with the former serial champions. The squad is likely to undergo a few changes. Several loan players have returned to Wals-Siezenheim, but the whereabouts of European Championship driver Flavius ​​Daniliuc, who is on loan from Salernitana, has not yet been clarified. In order to appear in the Champions League again, Salzburg will have to go through the qualification grind in the summer.

In the week starting June 24th, Austria, WAC and Austria Klagenfurt will also be back in training. The return of Aleksandar Dragovic has been a big topic for the Viennese in recent weeks. It remains to be seen whether the defender will soon be seen at the distribution circle. TSV Hartberg, who played in the European Cup play-off, is the last team to join. The East Styrian team is also very concerned about an absent player. Maximilian Entrup, who is currently with the ÖFB team, is said to have received offers from LASK and Austria. The chance that the striker will wear the Hartberg jersey again next season seems slim.

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