Neither singularity for Catalonia nor an undepoliticized CGPJ, Ayuso warns of the dangers for Spain: “We cannot fail in this”

Neither singularity for Catalonia nor an undepoliticized CGPJ, Ayuso warns of the dangers for Spain: “We cannot fail in this”

His resounding no has become almost a warning today. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has so far been totally against agreeing on a renewal of the CGPJ between PP and PSOE. It was neither the time nor the conditions were met, he pointed out. Today he said more or less the same thing again, but he included a hue in order to justify that it is aligned with Genoa, in whose management body it has assured that it has already conveyed its opinion on the matter. The prior “depoliticization” of the election system is key, he pointed out. But immediately afterwards his entire speech pointed to an absolute distrust that this could happen and, therefore, that it should be done.

“Sanchismo is Chavismo”, has repeated up to two occasions. The President of the Government only seeks “control of Justice” to “be able to amnesty himself” and “perpetuate himself in power in the purest Chavista style”, he has continued. And the finishing touch, just in case there was any doubt: “We have democracy in this game, in this renewal.” The CGPJ is the one who elects the judges of the Supreme Court, who remain in their positions “forever”, until their “retirement at seventy-something.” Therefore, his conclusion is clear: “We cannot fail in this.”

Financing and Catalonia

A statement that also serves the debate on the financing of Catalonia and the uniqueness that the Sánchez Government has put on the table. “Why is this uniqueness necessary for Catalonia?“Ayuso asked himself, who answered his question by pointing to the “weakness of the government”, since “nothing about this has been heard in these years of Sanchismo.”

The rejection of this particular form of financing for Catalonia, as was predictable, has been resounding. But Ayuso has also introduced an argument for criticism in the exchange of power between socialists and independentists. “Does Sánchez really want Illa to be president? They want to tell us that the money that they are going to take from all of us is what they keep themselves, that is, that Sánchez gives the money to Illa, that is, to Sánchez (.. .) And the independentists are going to stay there and watch?

It was a press conference to take stock of the management of his first year in office. The first with an absolute majority, in which he has stressed that he does not care that it is said that he does not have a “political” team, in reference to his advisors, because what matters is the management, but the first 30 minutes have been for shooting against the Government of Pedro Sánchez by the prosecutors, by the amnesty, by the financing and by the politicization of justice. Nothing has been left.

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