NBA Free Agency, some new features introduced this year

NBA Free Agency, some new features introduced this year

Following some changes to the collective bargaining agreement, new rules for free agent negotiations are in force this year, which will allow teams to negotiate with their players expiring the day after the end of the NBA Finals.

This at least in theory should facilitate the confirmation of free agents, and at the same time all teams will have a clear picture of the players actually available on the market.

Important detail to be able to better plan your strategy, given that shortly before the start of negotiations there will be the two nights of the 2024 NBA Draft.

This change also aims to prevent situations like the one between the Sixers and James Harden, with the team’s insistence on respecting the date for the start of negotiations (Phila was afraid of suffering penalties from the NBA again) which led to the first tensions and then to the rupture between the parties.

Any new contracts signed by free agents will not be official until July 6, when the moratorium ends.

Players already eligible for contract extensions will be able to negotiate with their teams immediately after the Finals, but all new contracts can only be made official after July 6th.

The situation is different for those who become eligible for the extension after July 6.

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