NBA Finals Viewership Hits All-Time Low: Is Streaming to Blame?

NBA Finals Viewership Hits All-Time Low: Is Streaming to Blame?

It is customary to say that the longer the series, the larger the audiences. Especially when they concern strongholds. And considering the cast of these NBA Finals, opposing second-tier markets, and its progress, the adage seems to be true. Because with 5.8% market share and 11.3 million viewers on average during this “gentleman sweep”, the big league recorded its worst figures since 2021 and the coronation of the Bucks at the expense of the Suns.

Despite a certain public interest in Game 5 (12.2 million viewers), audiences, down 12% compared to the previous Celtics final in 2022, never took off. Worse, with the exception of the finals in the “bubble”, Game 4 recorded the lowest audience in the history of the NBA Finals with 4.7% market share and only 9.6 million viewers. The proof by the image that the scenario of a final, while Boston could fold the affair in 4 dry sets, largely influences the popular enthusiasm.

The NBA can nevertheless reassure itself by noting that this downward trend is not limited to its finals. Quite the contrary. Since the Covid-19 epidemic and with the exception of the NFL, which continues to record high figures, many major sporting events have experienced a drop in interest from the general public. In competition with streaming platforms, whose rise dates back to the pandemic, the small screen is sticking its tongue out. Thus the last World Series (baseball final between the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks), like the 2023 and 2024 men’s NCAA finals, recorded the worst audiences in their history.

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