Nancy Mackenzie, voice actress who played Marge Simpson, dies – El Sol de México

Nancy Mackenzie, voice actress who played Marge Simpson, dies – El Sol de México

Voice actress Nancy Mackenzie, known for voicing Marge from The Simpsons, died this Monday at the age of 81 from causes that have not been disclosed.

The actress of Peruvian origin, in addition to her role in The Simpsons, was the voice of characters like Cruella, Clarabella, Wilma Flintstone and many more.

Through social networks, Claudia Motta, actress who plays the voice of Bart Simpson and the famous Humberto Velez, lamented his loss and dedicated a few words to him.

Both actors shared years of work with Nancy Mackenzie, and expressed the pain that her departure left them.

“It is with deep pain that we announce Simpson Lisa and Bart, the death of our dear mother Marge Simpson (Nancy Mackenzie). Rest in peace, we will never forget you,” Motta wrote on his Facebook profile.

For his part, Humberto Velez, the voice par excellence of Homero Simpson, shared a few words for his co-worker.

“Many hours together, working, traveling. A lifetime. Your departure hurts me a lot, but I celebrate your way of enjoying, of being free, of living life to the fullest. Thank you for always listening to me, for your unconditional support in the union problem that we go through together. Thanks for the laughter, the debates, the confidences. Thank you for going through this part of life with me. You were, are and will be a fundamental part of the most important work project of my work. You are many things. You are my wife Marge. Thank you, Nancy Makenzie.”, Velez concluded.

Gabriel Chavez, a voice actor who played Mr. Burns, regretted the actress’s departure, and commented that the news had him very affected because Nancy was part of his family.

“My heart is very sad after learning of this great loss, not only for the dubbing, but for me, because she was part of my FAMILY. I would like to write you so many things, but I ask you to give me some time to organize everything “I mean, I’m very upset. Rest in peace, Nancy MacKenzie.”

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2024-06-17 22:40:45
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