Nacho Club Man – The penultimate living raulista

Nacho Club Man – The penultimate living raulista

Why was it always said about Nacho that he delivered? I don’t understand. In order to find some logical explanation, I imagine that what those who claimed that Nacho was doing was trying to say was that, since he was not a regular starter, when it was his turn to go out he did as well as the supposed starter. But that is not compliance, that is something else. If in a team like Real Madrid, with the demands that the fifteen-time European champion has, you don’t play well, you go out. And it seems quite reasonable to deduce that it is easier for a player who almost always plays as a starter to stay in shape than for a player who does not play regularly, right? So Nacho, who when he went out on the field wearing the shirt of a team with the highest demands of Real Madrid, did as well or even better than the starter, he has not complied, no, what is he. Compliance was a 5 in my student days, Nacho does not leave Real Madrid with a bare 5, he leaves with an A. And not in September, in June.

One does not belong to the Real Madrid first football team for thirteen years, dedicating themselves to fulfilling their goals. If you spend one year in Madrid, the second you have the pressure to get off the map. And if in the second year you comply again, in the third you leave. You cannot turn thirteen at Real Madrid for the simple reason that at Real Madrid you have the spotlight permanently on you twenty-four hours a day. Nacho has not been a reliable defender but rather an enormous one, a center back who would have been a starter on any First Division team. The One Club Man thing is also overrated. In Real Madrid there have only been four footballers throughout its history who started and ended up playing for Madrid, Zárraga, Camacho, Chendo and Sanchís Jr. Nacho is also a One Club Man for the simple reason that he will physically work for Al Qadslah for the next two years but, deep down, he will continue here, at Real Madrid. He will do great, I have no doubt about that, but he will still be here. Footballers like Nacho never leave.

I think that with Nacho the worst thing has been the friendly fire. Maybe it’s just my feeling, but it seems to me that where Nacho has been most questioned has been precisely in Real Madrid itself, and I’m not referring to the club but to a sector of the fans. You don’t win twenty-six titles by being an accomplished defender nor do you win six European Cups by not failing. Nacho is on par with the great defenders in the history of Spanish football and just the fact of having to remember him, like me right now, makes me feel a certain bitterness because it is as if he did not have the recognition he deserves. Carvajal was also disrespected but since he ended up breaking down the door, his haters are hiding. Now only Dani remains there as a symbol of the values ​​of the best sports club in history. And Modric. Carvajal and Modric. I wish all the luck in the world to Nacho who, in addition to everything, has always been exemplary off the field as well. He has not been known to make a bad gesture nor has one heard a risqué word from him. Unlike others who did end up believing it, he knows perfectly well (because he has sucked it up) that at Real Madrid no one is ever above the shield. Nobody. Never. He has not complied, he has graduated with honors. Thank you. And luck.

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