Nacho Abad indignantly confesses that he was a victim of squatting

Nacho Abad indignantly confesses that he was a victim of squatting

After listening to the testimony of a tenant whose tenant, with a good economic situation, decided to stop paying her months ago and analyzing the average time it takes to evict squatters in each of the Spanish provinces, Nacho Abad has revealed that he was also victim of squatting.

They have squatted me, they stopped paying me, I paid for electricity and water. The feeling of imbecility that you are left with and the inability you have to react to a problem of that size, which It makes you want to take a stick, go to the door and say ‘either you come out or I’ll give you’but you know that you have to control yourself… But the Government has to provide a solution for people who do not have resources, not me,” Nacho Abad revealed when remembering the Feelings of impotence what I felt at that moment.

The average waiting time for eviction of squatted houses in Spain It is about two years, a very long waiting time that becomes a real hell for homeowners. A period that has increased considerably in recent years and that varies very surprisingly depending on the autonomous communities. The average in Castilla y León is 35.9 months compared to 27 months in Murcia, 26 in the Canary Islands or 14 in Asturias and Navarra, but in no case, The average waiting time does not decrease for the year in any part of the country.

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